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Fed Elise factory Service Manuals?

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I've bought a set of factory shop manuals with every car, and hope to do the same with the Elise. Is this difficult?

Some manufacturers turn a blind eye toward full-scale reproduction of their manuals -- Suzuki, for example.

Others (Saturn) see it as a profit center and sell it piecewise.

Nissan had the best offering -- 100% on-line PDFs, nicely indexed and yours for the downloading for $20/day. Over 1000 pages of inscrutible diagrams! Or ~$200 for a CD-ROM.

How hard are Lotus shop manuals to come by? Do they even exist?

I'm mostly in it for the wiring diagrams -- what color wire in what bundle goes where.. factory torque specifications for major nuts & bolts.. Even if it falls short of a full engine teardown, it would be nice to buy one.
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you can order them at your local Lotus dealer.

A120T0325J SERVICE PARTS LIST 159,18 €
A120T0327J SERVICE NOTES 178,06 €
B120T0327J ENGINE REPAIR MANUAL (1) 97,40 €
C120T0327J ENGINE REPAIR MANUAL (2) 48,91 €

Prices are given from a German dealer. The latter three manuals concerning engine and transmission are *not* worth buying, the are genuine Toyota manuals without any reference to Lotus. They can be obtained at a Toyota dealer for a lot less money.
AFAIK (my information is dated 04/2004) the ServiceNotes as well as the LabourTimesSchedule are not yet available, the PartsList is not yet complete. I myself have bought the PartsList A120T0325J, no engine parts are documented right now, but the foreword says, part 2 of this manual will be available FOC at a later time (for those who have bought it before completion).

Funnily, the manuals do document the 111R, the ExigeS2 as well as the FedElise.
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I ordered a 'workshop manual set' from my local dealer when I got my 111R

After some weeks, I took delivery of the Service Notes, Engine Repair 1 & 2, and Transmission Repair as per Stefans post.

The Service Notes are very educational - lots of detail about the 111R and Exige - very worthwhile to an elise owner even if you never plan to work on the car.

As Stefan notes, the other 3 manuals are direct from Toyota, and really are targeted at a professional workshop.



you did already get the Service Manual ??? Whoops, have to talk to my parts supplier...

Yep, I've had it for maybe a month now.

First thing I did was buy an OBD connector at Jaycar and wire in another 12V power source for my GTech Competition Pro.

[in fact, the OBD wiring is readiliy available on the web, so I didnt need the workshop manual, but it was fun anyhow]



PS: One thing the Exige has [missing on the 111R] is battery posts under the front left bonnet cover - much easier 12V access.
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What about the rest of the car? Suspension? Interior? etc. Will there be a bunch more manuals?

I hope they will make everything available for a reasonable price. Electronic form would be great, a CD or a payed download. Otherwise people will buy the "backup copies" that will probably be available on e-bay soon enough...
All the non-Toyota stuff is covered in the Service Manual, ie interior, electrical, suspension, brake systems, etc

I dont expect Lotus will have an electronic version anytime soon, but some energetic souls have scanned and PDFd the S2 Service Manual, so I'm sure the 111R/Fed Elise version will hit the web eventually [not from this little black duck though]


Thanks for the details! I'm excited to hear that a complete manual set is already available for the 111R, even from such a low-volume manufacturer. I guess they need something to give the service shops too. :)

NevR: You mentioned the OBD pinout -- one of the first things I would look up. Do you think you could post the pinout for the 111R when you get a chance? Specifically, I'm anxious to find out if it has high-speed or low-speed CANbus available on it, with HS usually on pins 6 & 14. THANKS!
Keep in mind that the 111R wiring might be different to the Fed Elise ...

Anyhow, here is the 111R OBD :

pin 01: not used
pin 02: not used
pin 03: not used
pin 04: GND
pin 05: GND
pin 06: CAN_H
pin 07: ECU pin 58
pin 08: not used

pin 09: not used
pin 10: not used
pin 11: not used
pin 12: ABS
pin 13: not used
pin 14: CAN_L
pin 15: ECU pin 73
pin 16: 12V
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BTW, what have you got in mind for the CAN Bus?
Oh cool, score! Let's hope we get the same (T4 ECU from EFI Tech?).

CANBus allows all kind of detailed datalogging and instrumenting that were just too slow to be useful on OBD-II.

It's more useful on a car where everything from power windows to the radio is controlled by CAN, but still, it should have a wealth of engine info.

It's also the most likely place to find our Black Box recording of past performance.
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