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Just wanted to put a feeler out for my 2000 Evo 6.5 RS Tommi Makinen Edition, I'm open to offers/trades.
I brought this car to the states from Japan, to my knowledge, it is the only TME RS in the US. It is the rarest factory Evo made. The car was imported on a permanent race vehicle exemption, it is not street legal. I am unable to use and transport the car like I planned. The car is stripped but I will include the full interior. Has factory option AC and Brembos. This model is 200lbs lighter than the GSR, weight is under 2,800lbs in stock form.
The car is in great condition. There are small cracks in the paint on the bumper, under the left headlight. Scrapes on the bottom of the bumper lip.
It runs great, no issues or problems. The car has a very raw driver’s experience. I’ve only been to one autoX and one track day with it.
92,586 KM (57,866 M)


Minor mods:
Evo 5 driver’s seat
SS brake lines
Sard fuel pump
Engine mounts
Evo 7 ECU with Tephra mod
Evo 9 DV and oil cooler
Rear strut tower bar
Map O2 downpipe with testpipe
Buddy Club Spec-2 exhaust
Cusco bolt-in cage (not installed)
Wedsport TC-005 17x8 (plus stock wheels)

Car is located in North Las Vegas.
Let me know if you have any questions.

More info: Got my TME to the US! -

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