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FYI - there is a segment on buying a used (Series 1 in the UK) Elise on the show "Fifth Gear." If you don't get the Speed Channel, (1) you will miss it, and (2) what is wrong with you?

It is perhaps 3-5 minutes long featuring the lovely and entertaining hostess/presenter Vicki Butler-Henderson driving a dark blue Elise. She loves it. I think I love her... :D

Anyway, back on topic, here is the program schedule from the Speed Channel website:
(I think it was on the episode called "Hot Hatches")

Traffic Tax Thu, Oct 14 7:30AM
Hot Hatches Sat, Oct 16 7:00AM
Traffic Tax Sun, Oct 17 7:00AM
Our Favorite Sports Car Mon, Oct 18 9:00PM new
Our Favorite Sports Car Mon, Oct 18 1:00AM
Hot Ducati Thu, Oct 21 7:30AM
Hot Ducati Sat, Oct 23 7:00AM
Bond Car Sun, Oct 24 7:00AM
Men or Women? Mon, Oct 25 9:00PM new
Men or Women? Mon, Oct 25 1:00AM
Bond Car Thu, Oct 28 7:30AM
Nightmare Crash Sat, Oct 30 7:00AM
Drunk vs Tired Sun, Oct 31 7:00AM
Rear-Ender Mon, Nov 1 9:00PM new
Rear-Ender Mon, Nov 1 1:00AM
Nightmare Crash Thu, Nov 4 7:30AM
4x4 Roll Over Sat, Nov 6 7:00AM
Car Fires Sun, Nov 7 7:00AM
Speed Trap Mon, Nov 8 9:00PM new
Speed Trap Mon, Nov 8 1:00AM
Drunk vs Tired Thu, Nov 11 7:30AM
Bulletproof Sat, Nov 13 7:00AM
Road Rage Sun, Nov 14 7:00AM

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Did it run on the 11th or is it on an upcoming Monday? I didn't see it in the list above.

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That's a good episode, it ran awhile back as well. Don't know if it was the same show or not, but there was also a very funny bit on a Smart car drive and gathering, London to Brighton.

Fifth Gear's a great show, I wish that Speed Channel would also run Top Gear.
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