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Hello everyone,

Just got my first ever Lotus, a 2014 Evora S with only 3,500 miles on it! I've had a lot of cars, some of them very nice, but not sure I've ever had one i like better than this. Super comfortable and just fun all the way around. Have a new plack exhaust coming for it too. I do have some questions for all of you though...

1) I have the common and dreaded broken A-Piller. I saw some posts for solutions to that but they were years old. is there a current "go to" fix for this?

2) I heard many of the Evora's with full leather will have dash issues out in the sun, especially around the passenger airbag. Is this still an issue with the 2014 models? or did Lotus get around to fixing that?

3) My driver side window doesn't push up quite all the way when closed, at least it doesn't create the seal when closed as well as the passenger side window does. any suggestions there? its not bad, but thought i would check.

4) I'm missing ALL of my air valve stem caps. I tried to get some generic ones and they didn't fit. are there special lotus ones i should be hunting for?

5) My secondary key is missing the cool yellow Lotus logo button on it, it must have fallen off. any place to buy a replacement i can glue on?

I don't think i have any other questions at this time, and these are pretty small things. Car is nearly in "as-new" condition in every other way. Will be a daily driver for me as much as possible.

Thanks in advance for your help! below are some pics, as well as the one with my son, he was born premature and has CP, cannot walk or talk, but LOVES car rides, so this is what we do together.



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