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So had this happen the other day, and was hoping it would remedy itself (as things do in Lotuses at times), but it has not done so, and something new happened today.

The car is a 2005 Elise with Sport pack, and T/C installed aftermarket (OEM) setup. I started to car up, and drove off, didn't notice a thing. Looked down and saw the T/C button flashing, as if it was engaging for some odd reason. (I will look into the sensors when I get home...but there is no CEL).

Today on the way into work, I noticed it was flashing still...and the car felt a tad sluggish. On a whim, I decided to hold the button down to turn TC off. When it turned off, the car instantly came alive and was "Free."

Anyone got any ideas what would cause this? Or how to just disable the TC as personally speaking...I would prefer to drive the car without it.

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