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First "major" project finally done on the Lotus. I hate the cobra keyfob+key set up, and was looking for a solution that didn't cost a small fortune and looked decent. I figured I'd make a post because I've only found a handful of solutions, many of which didn't seem really convenient or looked too home-brew at the end product (granted mine is only marginally less home-brew looking).

The antenna is definitely a tricky thing to get right, but there's probably enough margin in the performance that allows this hack job to function. Also, make sure you have a backup key fob in case you mess up if you do decide to try it.

  • It's only one thing on the keychain!
  • Looks like an OEM piece of hardware (almost)
  • Only cost ~$40 in parts + cobra remote (cheaper if you already have parts available)
  • If you modify the battery holder on the board, you can likely use the normal door pop-off to swap the battery
  • Takes a lot of tinkering to make things fit/work
  • Noticeable range degradation with the hack-job antenna (programs fine, but need to be closer to the car to use it)
  • Key is a bit wonky (my fault for cutting the slot too deep)
  • "A" button is the Lock button, "B" button is the trunk button, and the unlock button is dead-space
  • Button feel is...passable
  • When you turn the key in the ignition, your keychain becomes a giant cantilever
  • Not water-proof/resistant
  • Low confidence in long term usability, but that's TBD
Parts list:
  • Hyundai flip keyfob blank (AMZN Link)
  • Cobra Remote board
  • Copy of your key
  • Mini press-buttons (Digit-Key P/N CKN12224-1-ND)
  • 1.6V Red LED Light (Digit-Key P/n 516-1312-ND)
  • Micro 2-wire plugs (so the two halves can disconnect)
The finished product:


WIP Photos:



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