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Foam sound deadener behind the seat

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So I neglected to put the foam behind the seat back in after some recent interior work. This is the giant yellow foam sound deadener. Anyone running without it and to what results? it weighs 3-5 lbs..... could this be possible weight savings? the car will have boe400 and boe ST exhaust so it may not be silent as it sits. Id love some input
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Took mine out 4 years ago. Yes it's louder but then I added a VF2 and love hearing it is full song
Im hoping that I will hear the charger more. This car is going to be loud inside and out . I just ordered the lime green plasti dip for the wheels :) My fiance is gonna hate this thing when I finally bring it home again.
man that will sound good...might as well pull the stereo too if you are going that loud...haha
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