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Fob question - not the typical question, though...

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Last week, I had my truck broken into and, among other things, they ran off with a key and fob to my Lotus which I had very foolishly left in there from the previous weekend. As a result, the Lotus is currently in hiding.

So, the dealer says if I want the immobilizer signal changed so that stolen fob won't work, they need to change the unit to the sum of $1600.

Of which, my insurance company does not think they should pay since the car has not been stolen yet. They are happy to pay for a replacement key, though... That conversation is not done yet. :no:

So, I was kinda hoping one of you may have some knowledge of a way to change the programming of the immobilizer / alarm / fob, so I can get back to driving the car without fear and not have to argue with my insurance any more.

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He said they took a key and FOB, so unfortunately that won't help.
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