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For Sale: 2004 Stohr 01D Sports Racer

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For Sale: 2004 Stohr 01D

Chassis # 17

(before repaint)

This car was originally owned by James Hanrahan, then professionally maintained and campaigned by the Shelton group (mostly Steve Shelton Jr.). Car was a regular at the runoffs. It was sold and then stored at Rennwerks from 2007-2009 where it only ran one track day in 2008.

I purchased it in the end of 2008 and did the following:

• Thorough inspection and clean up of wiring/hardware/hoses/zip ties/heat shielding etc.
• New Odyssey battery (with trickle charger)
• New carbon-fiber diffuser strakes
• Stack data boxes batteries replaced and extra wiring removed
• Body media blasted to bare fiberglass and painted Dodge Challenger TorRed (total paint weighs less than 3 lbs, total body weight is 53lbs, body is in perfect condition)
• Replaced the original headers and collectors with Stainless steel
• Upgraded the car to factory paddle shifters
• New 2009 Scroth Belts with HANS bar installed
• Replaced cockpit extinguisher pipes
• New jabrock skid blocks and completely refurbished front splitter (including spare jabrock skid plate)
• 2009 SCCA Annual inspection
• Just changed the oil (Mobile 1 MX4T) and brake pads
• Purchased 45, and 46 sprockets (has a 47)

Car has a Loynings 1999 Yamaha R1 with Keihin 41 carbs (approx 2-3 hours on motor). I ran the car once at California Speedway did 10 dry laps, made no adjustments and won both regionals and was the fastest DSR at the event by over .5 seconds. Was within .142 seconds of the DSR lap record (1:38.4). Travis Duder, Nancy James etc were running their WF1s at that event. This is not an “average” example of a 1st gen Stohr!

Car has
• WF1 undertray “tunnel floor”
• Center mounted rear wing
• Center-lock hubs
• Front and rear floating rotors
• Custom airbox
• Accusump
• Extra capacity billet oil pan
• Ohlins ST44 double-adjustable shocks
• Transponder
• Radiator and Oil cooler ducts
• 2 sets of upgraded (thick center) Jongbloed wheels (one brand new, one used rims with brand new centers)
• 1 set of BBS wheels with rain tires mounted.
• Front and rear jacks

Last race (before paint job)

WF1 undertray “tunnels”:

HANS bar and new harnesses:

Stack 8100 (with data cable and software, no timing beacon) and paddle shifters:

Loynings runoffs R1:

Stainless headers and collector:

All nicks, dings, scrapes etc. repaired on front splitter:

Body media blasted to bare glass:

Painted beautiful bright red:

Yours for $35,000.
Contact: [email protected]

I’ve invested too much time and money into this car to give it away and please, no tire kickers or weird deals or trades. Car is located in Los Angeles.

Additional support equipment (alignment tools, scales, Flow-fast fuel filler, Chasecam with PDR100 etc) available separately.
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