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I knew one day that this day would come when I need a bigger car "family". I will post an updated pictures this weekend.

For Video of the car Add me on InstaGram:

Here's some pictures without the wheels "TE37SL" & Hardtop "Mohawk".

Model: 2005 Lotus Elise Touring & Sports Package with VF2
Interior: Black interior
Title : Clean Title
Mileage: 21,500
Color: Ardent Red

NOTE: This car will come with 2 hardtops - Half Mohawk & Full Mohawk

Asking Price: practically sold


Carbon Fiber Front Lip
APR Racing Carbon Fiber Canards
Carbon Fiber Side Mirror Cover
Carbon Fiber Side Scoop
RLS Mesh for the side scoop
Carbon Fiber Rocker Protector
Difflow Rear Diffuser
Difflow Aeroplates
Lotus GT4 Wing
Vision Function Rear Panel Eliminator
Sector111 Front Tow hook
HID Headlights
Lotus Exige Hardtop (Half Mohawk)

Vision Function 2 Supercharger
Vision Function RS-R Exhaust System
Larini De-Cat Pipe with heat wrap
Sector111 motor mounts
Sector111 Lid-bone
Moroso Oil Pan
Saikou Michi Catch Can
Reverie Carbon Fiber Spark Plug Cover

Rays Engineering TE37SL (17 / 16 Setup)
16x7.5 +35
17x8.5 +33

Sector111 Darth Holder

Reverie Carbon Fiber Gauge Binnacle

Rubber Carpet with Custom Machine Red buttons

JVC “El Chameleon” Head-unit with Upgraded Alpine Speakers

Please PM/Call/Text if you have any questions:

Thank you! :shift:


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Good luck with the sale. I had heard that you were getting married and needed a bigger car. Hope that your wife will still let you hang out with us when we get together. We always have room for passengers.


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Lorenz sorry to see you let it go. It must have been your fiace's grom that did it! Haha. To all interested this is a top notch wicked fast car! I did the s/c install with law and will stand by it for future owners. This is a great bargain. Sad too see it leave us. If anyone has questions regarding s/c feel fre to pm me and I will answer any questions Lorenz can't answer.

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