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Listed this under cars wanted, should be cars for Sale:
Summer is upon us and I have too many toys. I just finished wrapping up the Elise with every bell and whistle and as usual, I am selling for the next distraction. I bought this car from an ex military guy in Tacoma, WA. He left it stock with the exception of minor aesthetic mods. below is a list of everything that has been done. All tuning was managed by Phil and Andrew at BOE late 2013 with the torque tune first quarter of this year. The car is ready for street or track (tires should be changed for track). The car has NEVER been tracked to my knowledge.


New Flat Gloss Grigio Paint
turn signal removal
black out lights
tinted windows
mild tint on windshield
new wheels and tires
louvers removed on engine lid for air flow
blacked out 4 recess panels
New Difflow Diffuser
Sector 111 Toe Links
New Oil Line fittings
Jack Point Lift Kit


New Technocraft CF Seats come with Red and Black pad inserts
New Interior, wrapped door panels, console and kick channel
Sub panel with integrated sub by Chuck Risen Black
New head unit and dash focals
Rear camera with manual override toggle on console
Hard wired radar
SRS light stays on because OEM seat belts were replaced with Harness setup.


BOE Clam Hinge System

Boe TVS 400
Lotus Specific Cast Intake Plenum with Intercooler Core
Lotus Specific Case Inlet “Swan Neck” w/ Enlarge Inlet
Harrop TVS 1320 TVS Supercharger: BOEREV Spec
Pulley for Stock Engine on “Pump Gas”
ECU Flash Cable and Tune
ITG Cold-Air Intake
REV400 MAF Housing
Side-Mount Water Heat Exchanger
Twin 8” Cooling Fans
Bosch Water Circ. Pump
Weather-Pack Wiring Harnesses
AN Fittings
Transfer Hoses
ARP Fasteners
CNC Machined and CAD designed Brackets
REV Oil Dipstick Tube and Dipstick
Intercooler Swirlpot Header Tank
Serpentine Belt
Bosch EV-14 750cc Fuel Injectors
Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
fuel Surge Tank

Custom Header, Flowmaster and Dual tip exhaust


3M clear bra on front clam.

Headlights blacked out.

Send me your questions. Car is in Seattle, barely put 150 miles on it last year.

less than 45K est. miles, Purchased with 44K est.

Car has rebuilt title from old rear end accident before previous owner. Rear clam replaced by previous owner and I also stripped back clam when motor work was being completed to inspect. The good news is the frame only has a minor concealed dent where rear clam attaches. In the fourth picture of the motor an header, you can see the dimple on the rear left of the frame, is nothing. The rest of frame is bullet straight and also has slight camber on rear tires when SC was installed. Car was originally purchased from Park Place in Bellevue WA. in 2005. I have Pedigree paper from Lotus on original factory specs.

Car has touring and sport package.
Pictures updates:the front splitter is removed, but shown in photos, the hood panels are matte wrapped as well as the upper rear trail in matte black. The car has fresh matte black side skirts. I will post a few more pix this weekend if the suns comes out. Difflow stickers on diffuser removed (great company just didn't want white letters). Pictures show one driver harness, installed new matching passenger harness as well. shifter plate around stick has also been machined and reinstalled. boost gauge installed in dash. blacked out lotus lettering on rear clam and mounted reflective heat shield inside clam and wrapped header. exhaust photo shows one tip angled, I changed this to straight dual out same side, looks cleaner and provided more clearance with Clam Hinge action. Photos will be updated.

purchased for $22K in late 2012, invested $17K+++ in upgrades.

Accepting questions... and offers through May. Serious buyers only, no trades, payments or lowball deal hunters please. If this car does not find a home by April, I will consign it with a specialty car Dealer in either WA or Arizona. I am semi-motivated to sell and need some garage space in April for a new inbound project.

If you are looking for bone stock, no mods, look elsewhere. This car has been upgraded for the enthusiast that wants the ultimate lotus experience.

Thanks for looking, I will answer any questions and send additional photos for serious inquiries. Im not responsible for any typos or errors in description, buyer is responsible for verifying condition of vehicle to their satisfaction. I know I missed a few other upgrades and will add to list when I post the updated pictures of the side skirts.

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Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sports car Lotus exige

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sports car Automotive design

Land vehicle Vehicle Supercar Car Sports car

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Obviously you had the car on the dyno so I would suggest posting the numbers or the plot. Anyone buying a hopped up car wants to know how hopped up it is.

The performance mods alone are attractive and the car looks fairly stock, so it's a sleeper. GLWS.

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