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2006 Lotus Exige (Bridget)
Graphite Grey on Black Leather
25,000 miles

Factory Installed Options:
•Touring Pack (Leather interior, power windows, power locks, additional noise insulation, etc.)
•Traction Control / Limited Slip Differential
•Driving Lights (these look like fog lights but are actually a second set of hi-beams)
•Star Shield

Exterior Modifications
•Body color matched side intakes and rear wing
-Side intake mesh replaced with a more open mesh matching other OEM vents for better airflow
•Carbon Fiber front splitter
•Difflow 5-Element custom diffuser
-Deeper strakes than stock
-No exhaust opening
-Stock overhang at rear
•Custom made rear panel
-Trimmed exhaust heat shield
-Custom license plate panel designed after OEM item (narrower than stock and powder-coated black)
-Slotted side panels replaced with an open mesh matching other OEM vents
•Black Euro Exige wheels
•Raised, chromed, “L O T U S” lettering on rear
-Stock on ’06 was chromed foil decals
•Soft Top conversion
-Included is an Elise “Touring” soft top with storage bag
•“Stealth” turn signal bulbs in front turn indicators
-eliminates orange appearance when not illuminated but does glow amber when lit
•Lotus Emblem was engraved into the fuel door then entire assembly powder coated satin black.

Interior Modifications
•OEM Harness bar and rear interior panel
•Polk DB series speakers front and rear
•Alpine CDE-HD149BT head-unit
-iPhone 5 compatible (and others)
-Blue Tooth hands free calling and audio streaming
•Aluminum carpet buttons

Other Modifications
•Braille B2105 battery
•NCI/RLS Battery Bracket
•Sector111 QWKcans (catch cans)
•Larini Sport 8” above diffuser exit exhaust
•Sector111 gPAN2
•Sector111 RTD brace (rear toe-link braces)

•I am the third owner and have never tracked or auto-crossed this vehicle, to the best of my knowledge, neither did the previous owner. I do not know the details of the original owners use but the vehicle shows no signs of having been flogged or abused.
•All maintenance which I have performed utilized factory recommended fluids and OEM parts.
•All recalls have been completed.
-At the time the dealer/serviced looked over the vehicle and noted no concerns (minor or major) in fact the service manager commented on how good of condition it was in.
•Recent coolant flush (was in for oil cooler recall and decided to have this done as maintenance).
•Recent brake/clutch fluid flush (same as above)
•Paint is in great condition overall:
-Small area of surface scratches (approx 1”x2”) near front turn indicator on clear bra. This is difficult to see in many light conditions.
-Some scraping under front chin (clam and splitter) from contact with road/curbs. This is not visible unless looking from a level below the splitter (approx 4” from ground). There is no cracking, etc.
-Small rub on the edge of driver side front wheel well.
•For the sake of being open and honest I include the following info: The ECU printout at time of purchase showed high rpm reading of near 13k rpm. I have a copy of the email sent from Lotus to the previous owner verifying that this is a software issue, not evidence of an actual over rev event. All other readings were within acceptable ranges (cold or hot). I have never had an over rev (cold or hot) but also do not have a Lotus dealer within a reasonable distance from my home to obtain a new printout. Also, the seat belt shoulder bolts were replaced with non-OEM hardware by Criswell Lotus (Gaithersburg, MD) after I damaged the originals by over torquing them when installing the harness bar.

Also to be Included:
•Digital (PDF format) and printed copy of the factory service manual (I purchased this from the Lotus website)
•Digital (PDF format) and printed copy of the factory parts list (I purchased this from the Lotus website)
•Car cover

Here's a link to some photos: Bridget Photos by rdwallaceiii | Photobucket
I will update this with new and more detailed photos tomorrow night.

Please send me a PM or post here with interest or questions. Thanks.

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(your link to photos is just a loop...)

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(your link to photos is just a loop...)
I've tried it from several computers/devices and haven't had any issue getting the album, however, if anyone is having an issue send me a PM and I'll do whatever I need to to get you the pictures.

This is my favorite color.
I love it, especially with all of the dark accents these cars have, just makes the whole thing "pop" without screaming.

lovely car, love that rear panel too. just enough exposure to show off the "gizzards" yet not untidy looking like a lot of the delete options.

Thank you!

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Viewed on two different laptops and an iPad, all look good to me, Rich!

Car looks GREAT!
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