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I am selling the original Lotus base factory powder coated black rims. There is no curbing damage on wheels or warping. Lotus wheel caps are included. Currently the factory Yokohamas Adavan AD07 LTS 175/50/16 tires are mounted on the front rims. One tire is at the wear bars and the other has slightly more tread left but not much. The rears are Falken Azenis RT-615 225/45/17 tires. They have half or slight more left of the original tread left. The Falkens are still great and can be used as a track tire. All wheels are balanced.

I am asking $950 shipped or I can dismount the tires and just ship the rims for $800.00. Local pick is available in Miami or near by. I am open to any combinations of dismounting just two of the wheels.


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