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This would be excellent for a car computer running Linux or one of CharlieX's software applications.

I have a nearly new fanless mini-itx motherboard, case and 1GB flash disk module, and 512MB RAM that I used for a small project briefly at work. I built a mini-network appliance, ran it for few weeks, and ended up deciding not using it.

This motherboard is ULTRA TINY... 6.7 inches x 6.7 inches

It runs off 12V and has an A/C to 12V adapter. Automobile 12v adapters are available.


1GB flash module


I think I paid a little over $300 for it all, plus shipping...

I'll take $200 shipped. Includes all parts, manuals, driver disk etc.

Great for running Linux, a small application server, embedded device, etc.


Note: you have LOTS of storage options for this. You can buy a CompactFlash to IDE adapter and use an inexpensive 8GB compact flash memory module... or even run of a USB memory stick.
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