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For Sale: Few Elise Parts

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The below parts if you cover shipping and a bit for my time they are yours. If you are interested let me know ASAP as I will be making a dump run soon.

Please don't ask me if I have some random part. I have NO idea where this is coming from but if it's not in this posting I don't have it.
Best way to contact me is PM since I will get an email. I don't get a chance to check this board too often.

Aftermarket regulator for the heater fan. Bought it from eBay through a link from here a while back. I guess it's the popular one to use.
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Sorry, not sure why the photos are making the page scroll to the side.

Found the oil cooler sandwich plate that mounts to the engine. Removed when oil coolers were deleted. Nothing wrong with it. $40 shipped.

Photos of heater fan regulator, $10

Also I have a trans cooler mount setup, but I'm missing one one of the bracket at the moment. Probably will come across it soon.


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Found the stock shift knob today. $20 shipped?

Still haven't found the other part to the trans cooler brackets. Storage room is just the spare bedroom in my house, maybe 200 sqft but stuff got a bit "buried"
Shift knob is gone.

Still have the oil cooler plate and the rheostat for the heater.

Also while cleaning in the garage last night I found a lug nut tool, looks to be almost brand new. I'm not sure what they cost? $10 shipped sound fair?
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