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1. Center console $120 + $20 shipping.

Hey guys i have a heavily used center console that can be clean but i would recommend having it leather rapped but it does not have any cracks or major scratches, also the cup holder thingy comes with it just its rapped in cheap vinyl and look bad and would diffently need to be redone but then again you can't really see that thing. (ill post pictures soon)

2. OEM Oil cap $10 plus $5 shipping.

3. Both left, right sun visors $20 + $10 shipping

4. both broken seat belts $25 + $15 shipping

yes they are both broken and are not for replacement just parts like if you need the belt it self or such.

5. or everything together for $160 free shipping...

Send it has a gift or add 3% thanks guys.. Or i am willing to trade all this stuff or a hard top plus ill give you money on top of that! or some nice rear tires, front inner tire liners..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts