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For Sale - TRACK ONLY - 2005 Lotus Elise

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For Sale - TRACK ONLY - 2005 Lotus Elise - $59,900[/B]

• Over $110,000 invested in custom-built and professionally maintained and set-up track/race car built with all the best parts from Monkey Wrench Racing, Sector 111 and numerous custom crafted parts. Much faster than a factory cup car or 2 Eleven.
• Race-spec built engine from Monkey Wrench racing with forged pistons, ported head,10.0:1 compression, performance valve springs, valves, titanium keepers, upgraded oil pump and Moroso oil pan, light weight under drive water pump and alternator pulleys.
• ACT XT-SS Racing clutch and light-weight MWR flywheel
• Electronics (ECU, fuse boxes, grounds….) relocated to the interior
• Firewall stripped of padding and covered in gold reflective heat barrier
• VF Supercharger with custom-tuned ECU, 2.9 pulley
• Sector 111 Wilwood Brake Kit; Suspension and Transmission Linkage Kits, SSC Gearshift cable, Poly engine/transmission mounts (all 4), RTD rear toe brace, Nitron outer toe links
• Limited Slip Differential
• Removed all airbags, windows, and window regulators, radio and A/C
• Quick release steering wheel
• Factory “yellow” adjustable front sway bar with V2 linx
• Carbon Fiber Reverie XD Seat, Schroth 6-pt harnesses
• Upgraded after-market, larger fuel tank – Sector 111 Racetank
• Upgraded radiator – Sector 111 Prorad
• Custom Built Cage
• Lite Weight Battery
• Monoball Suspension
• Traqmate Data System
• Lexan rear window
• PPE De-Cat Header and BOE Racing Quarter Stick Exhaust
• Aero catch custom installed on the trunk lid for quick easy access
• Installed halon system, emergency power cut-off and driver’s window net
• Estimate less than 35 hours on current engine and transmission
• RAC Monolite rims with Yokahama Slicks - Tires have 75% life remaining
• Aero Upgrades including custom fabricated pieces APR wing, splitter, canards
• Ohlins – Custom Tuned with Coil/Overs with reservoirs in rear mounted in the trunk for easy adjustment, professionally aligned and corner-balanced
• Weighs approx. 1,840 pounds and nearly 300 HP to rear wheel
• 16,500 Miles but NOT Street Legal – (10,000 Track Miles)
• Both Engine and Trans Very Fresh
• Built by TJ Waszak, noted Lotus Tech formerly of Fox Valley Motorcars
• On Lotus Talk – The car is referred to as the “Angry Pterodactyl” Hear the car and you will understand).
• Spares - Backup Trans; original factory alloy wheels


Jody Lift
Havoc Motorsport
[email protected]


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In Joliet, Il at the Autobahn Country Club.
Curious what makes it track only? Does it not have a federal VIN?
The car has a VIN, but it has been modified and will need work on safety and emissions to get it street ready.
The car has a VIN, but it has been modified and will need work on safety and emissions to get it street ready.
Not a particular problem in Minnesota.
Interested in seeing the car?
Interested in seeing the car?
I'm not spending that kind of money, and I like having windows/roof.

Fantastic deal for someone that wants one this advanced for performance.
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