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For Silicon Valley Auto Group customers...

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Please head over to the California section, and hit the thread called "SVAG: The EliseTalkers List (is anyone missing or missing info?)" If your username and information isn't listed in the chart at the top, please provide your info. (board name, the spot number you've been given, and the date you placed your order.)

I think a number of SVAG customers have joined Elisetalk since that thread was started, and it would be nice to get them recognized in this tracking chart.

I think SVAG has been very stand-up, from beginning to end, but I also think that Lotus isn't giving them the respect they deserve. We have a huge list, and a committed and active local Lotus club, but our allocations are lagging horribly behind other dealers. Same goes for most California/west coast dealers: summary evidence looks like we're being screwed.

An updated SVAG list will help bring clarity to this subject, and will be helpful in an "open letter to Lotus" I'd like to write. If nothing else, if they're not going to offer a bit more parity in allocations, Lotus may see fit to at least explain allocations.
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