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Suggestion for the forum

Great forum guys. I have actually been following and reading the posts for months now, and decided today to break down and join. I do have one suggestion, however. Would it be possible to have the date and time that the replies to each thread were posted? That way, I can quickly find the new replies without having to reread the posts that I read yesterday. Maybe I am missing an even easier way to do this--please advise.

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HI Craig,
Actually, Going to the main forum board on the right hand side, it lists the date/time of last post. It also puts the threads with latest posts at the top.

It's actually one of the easier boards to follow.
Thanks. As long as you have cookies enabled, the forum knows (mostly!) what posts you have read based on when it knows you are reading.

This is a very good general point. You, as well as many others, lurked which is totally cool. But the downside of not registering is that the cookies are not being used. So everytime you came back, all the posts look "new."

What you will find now is that the new posts you have not read are highlighted and very easy to find. You can see what forums and threads contain unread posts. AND... you can easily click on the little button to the top/right that says "Read all new posts" or something like that.

That becomes more and more handy as the traffic will indeed increase as word gets out about this car.
Another general note- This forum uses Vbulletin, a UK company with developers all around the world, that I think has one of the best forum code. More features than others. More ability for me to do things as administrator also. I use this software now on about 10 forums. :eek:

We are right now on version 2.9 and version is 3 is a major upgrade with a lot of interesting and cool features. We will probably upgrade soon.

P.S. I edited the thread title. :)

Welcome to the forum. Glad you could register. Let us know if there is anything you think would improve this.
Thanks Randy,

I will stop lurking and start eating cookies--I mean "using" cookies.
Also, clicking on the arrow to the left of the thread title will take you to the first unread post in that thread.
I think our forum is slightly more difficult to find and then register on.

I think that is a good thing.


MattG said:
Also, clicking on the arrow to the left of the thread title will take you to the first unread post in that thread.
LOL. I consider myself a vb guru. I never really paid attention to those little arrows! Thanks!
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