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Been looking for tires for the front of the 7" Revolution wheels. Cannot find the proper size whatsoever. That isn't news of course.
I went a step wider and lower.
There is still availability on...225x45x15 tires.
If I put these on the car would the car along with 245x45x16 rear tires or 255's which are readily available, would I -the car- experience any strange handling anomilies?
Thanks in advance.....and the responses to my last Thread.:)
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It's only an "anomily" if it changes the handling feel of the car, to you.

Because you have only raced around your neighborhood so far :no: I'm sure you won't notice a difference if you fit that size (assuming you don't have issues like rubbing).

Remember, you should always treat new tires with respect. They won't grip well until the treads wear in a while, several hundred miles at least. (A GREAT rationalization for driving the car, as if you actually needed one!) rotfl

Then, you can play with tire pressures and alignment, or at worst start tightening up suspension bushings and shocks if you are unhappy. (Say, the rear end seems twitchy) :eek:

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The size will be okay. It is the selection of tire type that is in question as Carbuff mentioned you only driving around the block. The G force Rivals do not come in rear sizes so a matched set of tires with the front is not going to happen. Maybe you can get a set of rears in Canada but not in the USA. Are you looking for a track day tire? Although these tires are DOT rated they are really soft compound. So soft at times they are known to pick up loose debris in the rubber and you can mark the tire with your finger nail. The tread edges will scuff off in no time. They are rated for a little water but many users warn of standing water hydroplaning. They are not to be used on snow, ice, or near freezing temps and not to be exposed to below 15F for storage. There is a service bulletin that stated that a car should not be rolled on the tires at or below 15F or tire cracking will render the tires dangerous and they must be discarded. Also stated that when exposed to cold temps must be allowed to warm up to 68F or above for 24 hours prior to mounting tire on a wheel. They are a very good track day tires for the street tire class that will last at least 4K miles for track use.
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