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Hi All,

Several years ago, I took a chance on an eBay auction for a used catalytic converter for my aging Esprit. It's an 89 and next year is the last year requiring testing, so I'm not worried about it any more. IIRC, the cat pipe was cut below the bend off the turbo, so it's only a straight pipe cut above the cat, but with the lower flange in tact...I think...and I never confirmed if the cat is functioning properly (but I have no reason to think it's not). It's still in the box...I've never opened it as I've never needed it, and now I don't think I'll ever use my purchase is your gain if you want it. Just pay for whatever shipping costs...ground shouldn't be too much even if it's a little heavy.

While we're on the subject of free stuff...same deal...if you want it, just cover the shipping...I've got a Valeo alternator core if anyone wants it. I converted to Bosch years ago, but have hung on to the Valeo (hasn't left the same corner of the garage for 5 years) in case I ever needed it.?.? Not sure what I was someone needs a core for exhange or wants to rebuild it, let me know and it's yours.

Finally, I have a used Stebro, dual outlet exhuast (for the 2.2 '89+ engine) in good condition. That one's not free but I'm willing to let it go for $150 + shipping which I'm pretty sure is a lot less than I paid for it. I've got pics I can post or email if's stainless steel and in really good shape...only "blemish" is welding beads from where previous tips were welded onto the outlets. Inlet is 2.75" IIRC and each outlet pipe is 2"...again...I think. I'm going from memory.

If any of this is helpful to anyone let me know. If not, I'll probably toss the CAT and alternator in a week or two. Not sure what I''ll do with the Stebro, as it really is high quality and in good shape.

- Dale
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