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Free full detail by CP Detailing...ends 4/3/09

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Hey all,
This is a first come, first serve offer. I am willing to detail a Lotus Elise/Exige or other high-end sports car for absolutely FREE. This will include wash, clay bar, multi-step polishing to remove fine scratches and swirls, and an application of show car wax. The inside will be cleaned and treated to a UV protectant, leather will be cleaned and conditioned, and carpets will be cleaned. To be fair, I will spend up to 12 hours on a vehicle over the course of two days.

In exchange I'd like to be able to drive your car to Harrisonburg, VA on Friday, 4/2 and it will be back by Sunday evening 4/5, early Monday morning the latest. I want to take the car to the James Madison University Car Show. The vehicle will be detailed the following weekend.

I've had clients give me their cars to drive to my place to get it detailed from over 120 miles away in the past and I figure I just give this a chance. I drive responsibly and don't do anything stupid. I've always wanted to do this so here I am giving this a shot. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I am located in Orange County, NY and am willing to drive up to 100 miles to get the vehicle.
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Damn. I'd do this... but the drive would be a 'little' long from Austin, TX.
Sorry, my car (w/arqray exhaust you like when i gave you ride last summer at car show GPNY Mt Kisco) is engineless at beginning of April, otherwise you could've used it. You can still use it of course only you would need to push it all the way. :)
awesome your going to make it down!!!!!
I'd totaly do this is i wasnt already in Harrisonburg.
Anyone who is thinking about doing this should jump on it asap, your car will look amazing and will be treated great
Thank-you for the offer RichS! Too bad you are so far away.

Enrico!!!! Darn, I'm weightlifting but pushing a Lotus for about 600 miles is out of my strength capabilities. I hope your Elise feels better soon though. I appreciate the offer, the arqray would have been a great comparison to the stage 2 elise that I had for about a week.

Thanks for the kind words Ryan! Looking forward to meeting up with you.
This is a great deal! :clap:

A detail by CIRO is well worth the exchange. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my car.
Ciro sure does great detail work. He did my Starlight Black Esprit S4 last weekend. My wife said the car looked like a black pool that you could dip your finger into.

Thank-you all for your warm comments and interests. I have been able to find an Elise.
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