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To kick-start a two-week run of the Toyota-backed, transportationally themed “From Here to There” exhibit, Silverlake art hub SiteLA will lure you to view mockups of bicycles of the future (which might involve a bubble enclosure to shield you from rain and SUVs), plus films about a rail system that could carry and charge cars until they hop off and drive away. And then there’s the huge, beautiful sketches of a vehicle that runs on magnets. Poke around the exhibit and chat with the environmentally inclined artists over the free chardonnay—(Through Sept. 5.)

The party will also throb with beats provided by the SYCONS, a gaggle of DJs who run their equipment on solar power. At night? We're guessing there's a battery involved.

2522 W. Sunset Blvd
8 p.m

Friday, August 22: ‘From Here to There: A HEYA Project’ opens at SiteLA | Metromix Los Angeles
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