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Friday Scenic Drive

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From Barber Motorsports Park to Talladega Motorsports Hall of Fame Museum and Talladega Superspeedway.

The Barber Motorsports Museum is at exit 140 on I-20 just one exit east of the intersection of I-459 and I-20.

This scenic route takes about 1hr 10min from Barber. If you are late getting up and want to be at the Talladega Track by 10:30 CDT, the Talladega Track/Museum is at exit 168 from I-20 and is only 5-7 minutes from the exit. You may then follow the scenic route in reverse direction back to Barber.

I’ve been driving these roads since I was a teenager, and George Barber has admitted to running them as practice when he was racing in the 1950’s and 60’s. Every group of car enthusiasts I’ve introduced this to has been amazed at the challenge, the beauty, and the light traffic so close to a major metro area. In order to keep it this way we ask that you not divulge our secret fun roads to anyone. We don’t want to get overrun with slow moving Harleys, Jeeps, and police!

The scenic route passes through dense forests initially with the tress forming a complete canopy or tunnel of trees in some areas.

The road has to cross two major mountains in a series of challenging turns before emerging into the broad valley of the Coosa River which we will cross on Logan Martin Dam.

Another state highway runs through rolling hills until reaching the very flat Dry Valley where the Talladega Track and Museum are located.

You will find these roads very lightly traveled with the state routes 25, 34, and 77 very smooth but very challenging with lots of turns including hairpins.

Alabama is very conservative with advisory speeds for the turns. These are not speed limits but rather advisory speeds. Personally, I can almost double them, but be prudent!

You will find these roads develop a “rhythm” with their turns. The county roads are not up to the same standards of width and pavement quality, but there are no potholes or loose gravel.

After you cross the second major mountain with its hairpin turn, look for the “29 Dreams” motorcycle park on the right. This rustic lodge in a wooded setting welcomes European Car Clubs and features gatherings for watching the F-1 races.

Their policy is “no colors” (i.e. motorcycle gangs), so you won’t fear for your or your car’s safety.

If this has invigorated you on the way to Talladega, it gets dramatically more challenging as you leave the Track/Museum and head east for the climb up the face of Mt. Cheaha and along the spine of the Talladega Mountains.
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photo at the top of Cheaha State Park

If anyone's interested, this is what the surrounding area looks like.
This photo is at the deck behind the restaurant at the highest lookout.

There's some really good twisty roads there too.



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Any idea what time you will return trip back on Fri.?
Looks like you are on the eastern side and I may catch up to you guys on your way back. I will be leaving Blacksburg Va. in the morning.I have Atwells cell phone. I think it's I-40 I will be drivng in on. Some fun roads on arrival will be a treat.
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