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Hi guys. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Dean (nicknamed Mongolian by Lotus owning friend). A friend of Jamey's and just here to gather more information on these great cars. A little about myself:
I'm a Honda head (go ahead, laugh, get it out of your system)
I like playing around with suspension systems
Mechanical Engineering drop out (not because it was too hard because I loved it; started working and got used to a full time pay check)
Owner of Honsport - specializing in suspension, chassis and brake tuning for Honda/Acura vehicles
And as of recent, been hanging around a lot more Lotus owners from the Los Angeles area.

So, all in all, Hi!
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Actually, I went on prototype's website right now and I saw he was in the process of making some roller rockers. This is great for my RSX and I've probably destroyed over 4 or 5 sets of the stock roller rockers.
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