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HI All,
Saw this posted on Roadfly, interesting if true!
Hey all...
The other thread was getting a bit low, so I'll post the mysterious reason why Tonkin didn't take orders.
I spoke with one of their sales reps today (a guy I've known for a while). He said that Lotus USA wanted all the Elise dealers to intake a remaining Esprit in exchange for their first ten orders. Tonkin decided that it was not financially viable.
I didn't follow the logic, but maybe someone with more knowledge of the car biz can comment on this. Apparently they would have had to mark up the Elises to compensate for the hit that they would have taken on the Esprit.
His take was that there may still be a slight mark-up anyway, but he wasn't sure now that the Esprit issue was over.
Lotus USA put Tonkin in the "penalty box" apparently and pushed their first 10 cars back about 6 to 8 weeks.

If anyone else can independently confirm or comment on this info, I'd appreciate it.

Good news for me since I have no idea what color and options to order. Leaning towards dark silver or red with the touring options and hardtop.

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