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I want to remove the front bumper and lower panel below it for refinishing, on my S4s. I don't see instructions for that in the manual, and the fasteners aren't exactly in plain view. Any tips of experience will be appreciated.

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Here are the basics:
Remove undertrays, spoiler lip, fog lights and horn. The lower valance is held on by 10mm nuts around the edges and are accessed from under the car. The captured threaded studs are attached to metal stud plates above so you don't have to worry about holding any bolt heads on the top side except at the rear ends. There is a nut at each front corner that you will need to use a long extension and snake it up from underneath to reach. Once all nuts are removed, (total of 8 IIRC)drop the valance and carefully remove it.

The 10mm nuts for the bumper also use stud plates but are all accessed from inside the front storage area around the outside edge. You'll need to use a combination of extensions, swivel sockets and 10mm wrench to reach them all. The ones at the front left are tough to get to and you may need to take the abs pump brackets loose and move it out of the way to provide better access.

Here's a humorous write-up done by one of our Brit friends that pretty accurately describes the procedure:

"I had the pleasure of removing one from my S4 and I guess that the
S4s is broadly the same.
Begin by studying basic gynaecology and elementary contortionism.
Remove the skirt protection lip and oil cooler and radiator crap
guard panels
Remove the front skirt - there are nuts and bolts hidden all over
begining at the front of the wheel arches - all accesible from below.
There is also one at each front corner accessible through a hole in
the skirt.
Once all the bolts are undone, a bit of judicious manipulation should
free it from the bumper and the car.
Stop all bleeding, clean shredded hands, apply elastoplast as
required then continue.
Remove spare wheel and mouldy sandwiches etc. from inside bonnet
Remove ABS cover and brackets attached to inner wing and pull unit
back enough to allow access to bumper bolts.
Climb inside bonnet with suitable 10mm sockets and spanners and begin
to undo even more nuts and bolts - they run around the entire front
inner edge and the ones in the vicinity of the front corners provide
hours of harmless entertainment.
When the last one is out, grasp the bumper firmly, utter the magic
words "let go you F****** B******" and it should fall gently to the
Along the way light relief is provided by odd bits of trunking and
lighting cable plugs to undo.
Clean up, go to pub and win "hunchback of the week" prize.
Go to bed and have nightmare about putting it all back!"

Good luck,
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