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Ok, from one to another....... I changed my front bumper on the '77 Esprit S1 and had the light pods disconnected by the rod and tilted up to be able to get to the bumper bolts in the pod area.
Now after the bumpers are mounted on, the front pods don't come up, but the lights go on.
The single motor works, if I hand crank the lights up and close the circuit on the hood the motor engages and the pods go down. At one point the motor got very hot when it was not in use but cooled off again
Yet, when I turn the light switch on the don't go up. If I turn the hand crank on the motor with the hood circuit closed the motor starts briefly at a certain position and moves a little until the contact next to the motor hits a certain position and i can hear the relay click.
Very frustrating, the motor and lights worked fine before, any comments or help is appreciated.

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The motor itself might have a flat spot or binding. Test motor free of the mechanism to see if it turns freely. could be as simple as needing lubrication. Or the mechanism is binding somewhere putting n extra load on the motor. Motors getting hot means it is not moving freely or on too long. Make sure the pods and motor are in correct orientation when assembling so the travel stops are in sync. This is just a guess as I am not familiar how the travel limiters are set on the single motors headlights.
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