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Good evening to my Lotus friends,
I am a true rookie on the Lotus Talk. This being said I will offer my apologies in advance for not having the in depth technical knowledge most have on this forum. I have also come to realize my car may be one older Lotus representatives on the sight.
I purchased the Europa nearly 10 years ago. The car runs well and I had the car painted shortly after my purchase. The Lotus is actually a very nice car. Due to having too many projects in motion at the same time. I am offering the car for sale.
I will provide pics in the very near future. Sorry for being so vague. I am just putting the feelers out for right now. I intend to be as thorough as possible as both interests and questions may arise. Please contact me via PM, email: [email protected], text or call: (574) 209-0749. Thanks again for your understanding.
Regards, David
Attention: I have provided a small arrangement of pics. I have several more available so please feel free to inquire.... Thanks again..Regards, David


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