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1991 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE
I'm posting my 1991 Esprit. I bought this car in June 2018 at the Bonhams Greenwich auction. It had really good bones, but had been sitting in a collection for awhile and needed some refreshing. I was looking for a new project and this was perfect. Cars from the '80s/'90s are my passion. I like to find low-mileage, original cars that need a bit of work to bring them to a high standard. A year was spent sorting out this Esprit. All of the mechanical work was done at Lotus Motorsports in Waltham, MA - New England's authorized Lotus dealer. The smaller stuff I did in my home garage. I have enjoyed driving the car this summer and fall. Now it is time for the next project, which means I need to free up the garage space. I hope to find a very good home for the Esprit.

The car just turned 36,000 miles. I would describe it as a very high-quality driver. The engine pulls strong with good compression of 143-147 psi in all cylinders. It has been repainted at some point to a high standard. It appears the third brake light and the rear fender may not have been included and in certain light they appear slightly more faded. There are a few stone chips in the front, one scratch about an inch long on the driver front fender and a chip out of the clear coat above the driver door. The original wheels were chrome and are in very good shape. I prefer painted wheels and replaced them with OEM 15/16 wheels from another Turbo SE that was being upgraded to bigger wheels. The painted wheels are perfectly round, but have blemishes in the paint. I have the original chrome wheels and we can discuss including these as well. The interior is in fantastic shape and looks pretty good with perfect patina for a 28 year old car! The only issue is a few cracks in the wood on the right side of the instrument panel. The radio has been updated and is the only part of the car that is not to its original spec.

Work Completed at Lotus Motorsports
Replaced rear springs and shocks
Replaced catalytic converter
Replaced water pump and all belts
Replaced font and rear brake pads and rotors
Rebuilt charge cooler pump
Four new tires
New battery and cable/terminals
Full engine service including gaskets, plugs, etc...
All new cooling hoses
All clutch and brake lines are stainless steel

Known Issues
1) The front windshield has some delimitation going on. I do not notice it while driving during the day. I'm not sure about night since I only take the car out in nice weather and daylight (other than going to Radwood Boston in the rain). The glass is all original (all windows), so I decided not to replace the front windshield since it does not bother me.
2) The sunroofs were misplaced by the prior owner and could not be found before the Bonhams auction. It does not come with the glass roof. I found an original replacement red roof that is a very, very close color match. The headliner needed to be redone. My 10-year old daughter is the only one in the house with a sewing machine and she wanted to help out with the "Project Lotus" - so I let her redo the headliner! It looks wonderful to me (I'm her dad after all). To others it could have slightly better edging, but I did not have the heart to redo it. The car comes with plenty of extra headliner material that can be used to redo the sunroof if the new owner so chooses.
3) The engine occasionally stalls out when it is cold and coming to a stop. We have not been able to figure this one out since it happens only sporadically and for some reason has never happened with any of the Lotus mechanics driving it. If you have any ideas, please let me know and I will try to fix it before the new owner takes delivery!

The car is in great shape, is as original as possible (except for the radio), and draws a thumbs up wherever it goes. Asking price is $34,000. The posts on the Forum have been fantastic at helping me figure out things about the Esprit. I am offering it here first. I can send lots of pictures to interested parties via Flickr. Title in hand. Thank you!

Interior-Seat D1.jpeg
Interior-Seat P1.jpeg
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