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I have listed my Esprit on Ebay, but here is the write up anyway.

Ebay listing: eBay Motors: Lotus : Esprit (item 290258413422 end time Sep-11-08 17:22:34 PDT)

1991 Lotus Esprit SE
46,535 miles
Asking 21,900

I am selling my pride and joy as I unfortunately have recently become unemployed and my toys are 1st to go. I purchased the car in the Spring of 2007 in Michigan and I drove the car all the way down to the Atlanta area where I live. This car has driven great since the day I bought it. It has never let me down and performance has always been great.
1st I will give a quick description of the 1991 Esprit SE and then a detailed description of this car in particular.
The Esprit is powered by a Lotus 2.2 liter 4 cylinder engine. Turbo charged and also charge cooled (only the SE model was charge cooled in this era of Esprit giving it 34 more hp), the SE has 264 hp launching the car from 0-60mph in only 4.7 seconds and topping out at a max speed of 163 mph. It is extremely fast in a straight line but it really shines in the corners. Also, in 1991 ABS was introduced and stopping was as impressive as the rest of the car’s performance. Although in Supercar territory, the Esprit is very economical (as long as you are not mashing on the gas) and thanks to GM having stepped in at this stage of the Esprit’s life, it is also very reliable as the Esprit was tested much more vigorously including 100,000 mile testing.
This particular SE up for sale is a very rare Vulcan Grey that has been repainted to the Titanium color of the V8 models. It sits on factory Lotus OZ wheels that are typically found on the newer S4 model. It also has an aftermarket rear spoiler which gives much greater visibility out the rear and an aftermarket exhaust which gives it better exhaust flow and a much better sound. Mechanically this car starts right up every time and runs through it’s gears just as it should. It has never ran rough or even skipped a beat and I always warm it up before I hit the gas. I have changed oil every 3,000 miles or 6 months and I have always used Mobil1 fully synthetic 15W50. It has full power and even the A/C blows nice and cold (it’s a must down here in Hotlanta). There are a few flaws this car has as she is of course 17 years old. The passenger side mirror is cracked. The radio has recently become intermittent, and honestly it’s a poor excuse for a stereo from the previous owner but it does sound good the few times I did use it. I rarely listened to it as I preferred the sound of the car. The engine bay is very clean but the crinkle red paint has been worn off over the years and could use a new coat to give better aesthetics (it was on the to do list previous to my unemployment). The leather is a little worn in places but there are no tears and the dash liner is shrinking a bit. I have kept it cleaned and conditioned with Zymol leather care which the leather has really shown the better for. Head lights go up and down correctly and all dash lights work as well as all gauges. Wipers function properly as does all other lights. The power windows are slow (no big surprise from a British car) but they do work. Tires are about 40% worn. There are two spots of spider webbing in the body (rear bumper and top of a pillar, note the pictures included) but nothing serious and there is a scratch at the very bottom of the right front valance. I have taken pictures of the notable spots. Otherwise the body is in very good condition with the care of waxing it over time has come to prove its worth.
As for the history of the car, it has had one accident a few years ago involving the nose of the car being hit by another car. This was during ownership from the previous owner to me and it was repaired at an official Lotus dealer. It is a clean clear title and I have records from previous owner as well as my own. I am also giving the workshop manual away with the car. I want the next enthusiast that purchases this car to have as much fun as I have and as I am a true Lotus fanatic, I hope to see it at a future Lotus Owner’s Gathering. I have described this car to the best of my knowledge and I am open to any and all questions so please feel free to contact me. If you are in the area please come by and see the car for yourself.

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