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Sigh...well, the time has come at last. After owning this MR2 for nine years (and ~108000 miles), I need to sell it. This isn't going to be easy for me - I've put a lot of time and effort into modifying this car, and keeping it in beautiful condition. Along the way, I developed quite a bond with it. For that reason, I care greatly about WHO will be buying this car. I will not sell it to just anyone; I'm looking for a buyer who I feel will take care of the car and can learn to drive it responsibly. If you're under 20, you're not ready for this car and I will not sell it to you (unless you have evidence of prior driving experience at a competitive level such as karting, or have owned an MR2 and know how to drive it).

This car has been a blast to own and drive. While its normally aspirated engine produces much less power than the turbo (135 vs 200hp), the abundant low end torque and instant throttle response makes for a car that can keep up with most turbo MR2s on twisty mountain roads. A perfect road for this car is one where you can stay in second gear (that's up to about 40mph), as that's where the car really shines. On the freeway, the car is smooth with plenty of fifth gear power for passing and tackling hills. It's a little louder than some cars due to its high performance tires, but not overly so. Living in California, I've often enjoyed taking the t-tops off and cruising along Highway 1 through Big Sur. You feel connected with the road, not isolated from it as in most modern cars. The power steering assist varies based on vehicle speed - a perfect compromise. All this fun in a body that's been tastefully modified, to enhance the MR2's lines without producing a street-racer look (or at least, so I hope). I've been approached by many people in the past not knowing what kind of car it even thought it was a Ferrari! This is a fun car to own and drive. I've taken it to track days at two tracks - Laguna Seca and Buttonwillow. In both cases, I found my driving skills improving as the day wore on, yet I still hadn't approached the limit of the car as it never lost its footing, never even started to spin. I've been surprised a few times on the street...this IS a tricky car to drive near the limit. If you don't realize that, and don't know how to handle a mid-engined car, there's a good chance you'd end up wrecking it, and that's what I want to avoid here. If I had a bigger garage, I'd keep it forever...

You can find more pictures here.

Please contact me by email if interested.

Essential Info

1991 Toyota MR2 (build date 6/91), non-turbo (5SFE)

~153000 miles (engine opened at ~60k miles, see details below)

Price: $8900 OBO. Let me be clear on one thing here - the amount I'm willing to negotiate will depend entirely on how well a potential buyer convinces me that s/he will be the 'right' owner of the car and take care of it. For Club111 members, I'll come down in price quite a bit. If you abuse the car during the test drive, you'll find my price firm. I want to find a good home for my car!

Factory options: T-tops, AC, PW, PB (no ABS), PS, 5 speed, 5SFE motor. Blue cloth interior.

Why I'm selling - no room in the garage once the Elise arrives!

Summary overview

This car is in beautiful condition, you'll be hard pressed to find a better looking MR2. That said, it's not a show queen and is not to that level. It DOES have 153k miles on it, and while it doesn't look half that age, it has a couple paint chips, a few rattles & squeeks, that sort of stuff.

The car was always a project car to me, and unfortunately the project never finished. I got married and wasn't spending as much time in the garage as I used to, so many projects are half finished, while some (like the exhaust header) are still brand new parts sitting on a shelf.

Receipts are available for most work done. My organizational method of a three-ring binder started great, but in the past couple years receipts have just been stuffed in there without much organizing. Maintenance and repair work was done either by myself or (with one exception) a Toyota dealer.

To the best of my knowledge (I bought the car with 45k miles on it), the car has never been in an accident. The closest thing to it would be when a dog ran into the side of my car, causing ~$2500 of damage that was professionally repaired using new OEM parts (receipt available). Click here for pictures and info of that incident.

The car has been garaged since 1997, and when it was used as a daily driver, was usually covered (after a dusting with a car duster and spot cleaning with Meguiar's quick detailer where needed - I never cover my car when it's dirty!).

Located in Sunnyvale, California.

Details & upgrades


Mobil 1 oil used exclusively since 45k miles

At 60k miles, valve oil seals replaced under warranty. Since the head had to be removed for this, I asked them to install new piston rings while they were at it. Work done at Toyota dealer.

Weapon-R air intake (not installed on car due to legality thereof) with K&N filter (not the foam one Weapon-R included).

Magnecore spark plug wires

Nology PowerCore ignition booster

Greddy SP exhaust

Hotshot header (new, never installed)

49-state header pipe (exhaust pipe from primary catalytic convertor to muffler - CA cars had a second cat inline and lost 5hp, this pipe doesn't have that. Original pipe is available if you want it)

OEM clutch (replaced by Toyota dealer at around 115k, I think...have receipt so could check if interested)

Drivetrain & suspension

Tranny fluid replaced with Redline within last two years

Brakes - OEM rotors with KVR carbon metallic pads

ATE super blue brake fluid

Goodridge stainless steel brake lines

Brake master cylinder replaced within last two years

Arbet Type 1 wheels (a little dated, I admit)

Yokohama tires (A520 front @10%, AVS ES100 rear @90%)

Tokico adjustable struts

Eibach springs (~1" lower than stock)

Suspension Techniques anti-sway bars (the newer style, with the reinforcement plates for the front sway bar mounts)

All sway bar endlinks replaced with new OEM parts for a '94 MR2 (thicker, stronger)

TRD upper strut tower bars, front and rear

Wheel locks


Center console (above armrest) from turbo MR2

TRD short shift kit

Solid aluminum shift knob (ball-style)

Recently replaced shift boot with new OEM part

Recently replaced ash tray with new OEM part (the lids crack over time)

OEM cupholders (single-DIN style from Japan)


Rockford amp

Composite (kevlar?) mids & tweeters; 10" subwoofer

Tweeter covers replaced with new OEM parts for a '93 Turbo (these have the larger, wire mesh grill)

Newer seats from a Turbo MR2 (has more adjustment, lumbar support).

Interior looks like new

Wheelskins leather steering wheel cover (blue)

Stainless steel door sill guards

Tinted windows


OEM fog lights from Turbo MR2

Hella H4 headlights with European lenses (they have a sharper vertical cutoff than DOT lenses)

FIAMM air horns (note - they're dying and need to be replaced)

Optima red top battery (less than 2 yrs old)

Clifford alarm with motion sensor (no shock sensor)


Aeroware body kit (except for the rear wing which is still stock)

White side trim (front pieces new OEM white parts, back ones painted)

White front trim from Japanese MR2s (so, no orange front reflector on sides)

Side marker lights integrated into side trim

'94 MR2 taillights & center panel, with '94 trunk key cylinder rekeyed to use same key as the rest of the car.

Clear front turn signles (from the Japanse MR2)

Known problems

The AC blows cold, but not as cold as it should - I think it needs to be recharged.

The black paint on the A/C switch is flaking off. I have a replacement switch that I'll include with the car, I just haven't had time myself to install it.

Remote mirror adjustment does not work, I'm assuming it's an electrical problem but have not done any troubleshooting.

On the driver's side door, the panel containing the switches has broken a catch and is loose.

Front tires are down to the wear bars, rears were recently replaced.

On freeways, the car follows grooves and irregularities more than usual. Since this began occuring immediately after the new rear tires were installed, I assume it's due to the mismatch of tire types front/rear (Yokohama A520 front, AVS ES100 rear).

The cruise control does not work. When I bought the car in '95, it was working intermittently, now not at all. I can't say I've missed it though.

Extra parts included

Car cover (Evolution4 material, tan, custom fit to the MR2)

Interior pieces from a '93 MR2, blue, in great shape - dash, center panel, firewall carpeting (thicker than used in my MR2). I bought these parts with the intention of someday installing them in my car as I wanted my car to be in like-new condition, and some of my parts were looking slightly worn. I installed the door panels, but not the rest as it's not necessary yet.

Hotshot header, new, never installed

CA header pipe (second catalytic convertor inline)

Blue leather-wrapped parking brake handle from the Turbo MR2 (the handle in my car is not leather wrapped).

Original side scoops (that the Aeroware body kit replaced)

Weapon-R intake (not currently installed due to legal issues)

AC switch (see above - the paint on the current switch is flaking off)

1/2" breaker bar with 19mm socket. The stock lug nuts don't work with most aftermarket wheels. Likewise, most aftermarket lug nuts require a smaller wrench than the stock ones - an important detail that many MR2 owners don't discover until their first flat tire! This breaker bar / socket combo is the correct size and makes easy work of removing the nuts.

References available upon request! I have been an active member of the Internation MR2 Owners Club - one of the original founders actually (I'm the one who tallied all the votes to come up with the club's name!). As the focus of that club has drifted away from driving events, my involvement with it has decreased, but I still have a number of references in the club that can attest to how I treat my car.

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Yes...the car is sold. :(

I actually sold it back in June, when Lotus was telling me my Elise would arrive "any day now." The garage has been empty since. :mad:

I DID post on the MR2 board, but ended up selling it via an ad I posted on Craigslist.
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