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Ok, something a little different for y'all. Not the normal fare around these LotusTalk parts --- I'm selling my 1996 Mazda Miata M-Edition. It's the Starlight Blue Mica with the tan interior. I believe it to be a three owner car now. It has about 164,000 miles on it. Engine and transmission still going strong. Clean title in hand and ready to go to a new motorhead.

I've stripped the carpet out of the interior. Previous to me, the owner did the following:

- de-powered the steering rack
- removed the AC
- installed a Hard Dog roll bar
- momo steering wheel
- braided clutch line
- Sparco sprint seats
- 6pt harnesses
- removed the seat belts
- fitted Enkei RPF1 wheels

Since my purchase, I have done the following.

- Planted seat brackets left and right. Driver's seat has slide mount.
- new black soft-top and rain rail
- new battery
- new brake rotors, pads, stainless lines from Good-Win Racing
- short shifter, new rubber seals
- new soft top weather stripping
- new wipers
- new radiator and hoses
- new spark plug wires and plugs
- new timing belt
- new water pump
- new thermostat
- new valve cover gasket
- new cam sensor o-ring
- new speedometer cable

All told, I put about $5,000 into the car since I bought it. There was a bunch of stuff I had done as well but don't have the receipts in front of me. I will try to dig that up tonight as well as post some photos.

There are some big and small dings. All the damage on the body was done by the previous owner; I've not added more damage to the car in the time I've had it. The biggest ding is on the driver side rear quarter panel. The previous owner had a run in with a light pole at less than 10mph, apparently. So it's more of a dent than a ding. Hahaha. No frame damage.

I was really proud of myself for doing the soft top replacement, but I promptly scuffed up the rear plastic window when I folded the top down and it rubbed against the sheet metal of the rear shelf. D'oh. It does leak a tiny bit at the corners of the soft top where it meets the windshield, but not much.

There is a small ding the size of a dime in the windshield on the passenger side.

I used this as a daily driver while I undertook the engine swap project on my Exige. Now that it is coming to a close, I am looking to part ways with this little gem. I did one track day on it in the pouring rain and it was F UCKING AWESOME. Such a capable little car. While I did use it as a daily, some people wouldn't be that inclined since it is stripped out and there are no seat belts (just harnesses). Ideal for a track day car as all the important bits are sorted. If you're crazy like me, you could daily it or just hoon the snot out of it. Either way, it's about as much fun as you can have this side of a brothel for...

$3,250 OBO!

If you or anyone you know is interested, let me know!


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