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VIN: 1B3BR65EXTV100041

This is a true Garage Sale! I have too many vehicles and would like to find a good home for this well cared for 1996 Viper R/T10. It has the V10 8 liter engine pushing 415 hp (from the best i can remember). I am the second owner and I bought it back in 2002 with 1600 miles and now it only has 7200 original miles so you can see that i really haven't had a chance to drive it too much. I actually think I've spent more time washing it than driving it! (With a Ferrari, Lotus, Mach1, Lamborghini and Porsche, I really haven't driven much on any of them!) She has been garage kept for the 10 years I have owned her and it'd never been out in the rain or snow. I am 54 years old and I take good care of all my cars (and other stuff) so this is not some ragged out POS on eBay!

It comes with both "airplane style sliding" side windows and the original factory hard top. Everything on her is original equipment except that it's in my DNA that I have to put an aftermarket exhaust system on a super car. It has a Borla exhaust that really talks back to you! (The original exhaust system will be included with the car should you want it to be completely stock.) It has never been wrecked, has no dings anywhere - the only issue (and this is common with all super cars) is that the front fascia has scraped the asphalt on occasion as it sits really low to the ground. I try to watch out for this, but sometimes you just don't have an option. The fascia is not cracked at all - just scraped up on the bottom (you'd have to put your head on the ground to see the scrapes). I have never even hit a parking curb!

I have had no trouble with the car. It doesn't leak any fluids at all. I do keep a trickle charger on the battery at all times as Vipers are infamous about eating up batteries. ait starts up first time - every time.

If you are looking for an affordable, well kept super car at a reasonable price. This may be the car for you. If I am not mistaken, there were only 318 of the white Vipers with the blue racing stripes made prior to 2002 - after that I didn't keep up with all of the newer vipers. They were only made in 1996. The blue leather steering wheel, blue leather gear shift knob, blue leather parking brake handle and white backgrounds on the dash gages really combine well with the white and blue "cobra style"dual racing stripes. It really makes this car stand out from the rest.

I have the original owner's manual and both sets of keys.

If you have any questions or would like additional pictures, please email me or give me a call at my office (804)262-0111 or at home (804)784-5561 (reasonable East Coast hours please!) My name is Syd. Thanks for your time.


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