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The reason i am forced to sell this is because i have about $8,000 in dental hospital bills that will be knocking on my door anytime soon. So in other words i need to downgrade to 1 car i can daily drive in any weather.

$8000 OBO.
It's a 2000 with 104k miles on the 1zz motor. Little background on the car, i bought it from an older biker lady in colorado. She was the original owner of the car and really babied it too no end. The motor, tranny, brakes, clutch, ect are amazing. No the cats were not gutted, but this car has never been rodded period. Never seen the track either. Had scrathes and scuffs here and there from all the years of drivings. I addressed and fixed all when painting the car.

It was originally blue, but i had the entire car painted a Satin black (jams, engine bay, ect).

Mod list is as follows... for most part stock.
-Genuine Top Secret front bumper
-Konig 16'' wheels (very lightweight) wrapped with Falken azenia (sp?) tires
-JDM center steering badge
-03+ Side vents

Good: I really care for this car and check everything weekly. Coolant, oil, leaks, all that stuff. Wash the car twice a week. Motor and tranny is strong. Friends will vouch for the love and care i always give my cars. What i don't know about i have no shame in asking others on the forums or shops. Tires have alot of tread left. Wheels are perfect with no rash or chips.

Bad: Little noise in right rear suspension when the car flexes over speed bumps and such. No leak from strut though. Paint chipping on front bumper and hood. Little moisture in the passenger headlight at random times.

Pics taken yesterday!

Maybe this could be a DD for one of you lucky lotus owners.
Still saving and dreaming of a lotus someday :)
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