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I posted this on my Focus forums but as a Lotus owner, figure I could spread the word here too in case someone might be interested. After several long years of building this car and daily driving it for another couple years, it's finally time to part ways with this very unique car :( It's been somewhat of an agonizing process in finding the right builder and fleshing out all the little gremlins associated with a custom-built car on this scale. I'm getting to the age where I want a daily driver and something quiet, comfortable, and auto transmission, so I bought a brand new RAV4 and I'm still keeping my Lotus as my weekend fun car for the enthusiast in me.

Item Description:
Not only are V8 Focus conversions a rarity (probably less than 10 in North America), this one comes with a modern DOHC motor from a 2004 Cobra Mustang and as far as I'm aware, only 1 of 4 with such a setup in existence. Don't get this confused with the pushrod conversions with cable clutches, the daily driveability difference is night and day. I've been daily driving this car for about 2 years now, not huge mileage as I own 2 cars and normally take the train to work but more than enough to know that the car is running 100% ok. The suspension is on the firm side and I'd recommend softer shocks, but is still daily driveable and perfectly acceptable ride quality if this is your fun car. Exhaust note is aggressive but not terribly loud especially for a V8, on idle it's actually surprisingly quiet. The car has about 60k miles on it but with the V8 setup, it has less than 20k miles, will confirm exact total mileage by this weekend.

With a car this customized 90% of it is modified but here's a build sheet with the more notable items:

2002 Ford Focus SVT Pitch Black 3-door
Built by Muscle Motors of Canoga Park, CA
V8 conversion kit supplied by Kugel Komponents of La Habra, CA (details here: Kugel Komponents, Quality Komponents Since 1969)
NOT smog legal in California, possible to register as this car uses a factory engine with catalytic converters installed

-2004 Cobra Mustang DOHC V8 motor without supercharger (installed brand new with zero miles)
-T-56 six-speed manual transmission, converted to hydraulic clutch
-Solid rear axle from older Mustang
-Custom steel driveshaft
-Custom engine tune, 270 wheel hp and 292 wheel torque (see dyno below)
-Mustang ECU reprogrammed and rewired to mate with Focus electronics, all factory electronics including alarm and key fob remote operational
-Custom built fuel tank installed in trunk floor, setup still retains about 2/3 of original trunk space
-Magnaflow resonators and catalytic converters installed to exhaust
-Magnaflow quad-pipe exhaust tip custom setup
-Custom radiator fan setup to accommodate larger engine
-Will throw in spare uninstalled Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft with deal

-TCE Performance big brake kit: 13" front rotors with larger 4-piston Wilwood FSL red calipers, and 11.75" rear rotors with factory rear calipers
-K-Sport Asphalt Rally front coilover suspension for Focus: ride height adjustable and single adjustable dampeners (will provide rear K-Sport coilovers uninstalled)
-Custom rear coilovers with V8 conversion kit: ride height adjustable only
-Centerline RPM 17x7 wheels with dark gray powdercoating (has some wear)
-Bridgestone RE760 Sport tires with less than 10k miles
-Will throw in factory SVT Focus front springs and dampeners with deal

-Rieger RRX front bumper (fog lights need to be replaced)
-Euro Focus rear bumper with Stoffler dual exhaust rear valence
-Wings West side skirts
-Euro Focus ST170 head lights
-Euro Focus upper grill
-LED tail lights
-Custom installed rally style hood vents (functional)
-WRC style rear spoiler
-Horn was flooded and needs to be replaced (simple repair)
-Will throw in F2 Focus RS replica fender flares (unpainted and uninstalled) with deal

-Factory SVT blue interior, leather front seats, audiophile six CD head unit
-Power steering option from V8 conversion kit
-Sparco steering wheel
-Momo shift knob with custom length shaft, mounted on aftermarket short throw shifter
-Autometer oil temperature and oil pressure gauges with A-pillar gauge pod (gauges not connected)
-Sparco pedal covers included (clutch installed, gas and brake will be provided uninstalled)
-All factory interior functions are working except for air recirculator, A/C works fine and blows cold and hot air
-Some stains on the rear seat (driver side) from a can of grease that spilled in the trunk over 2 years ago, probably can be cleaned better but never hired anyone to do it

Asking Price:
$12,000 is my price for the Lotus community, same price I'm extending to the Focus community. I'd very much like to find an enthusiast who'll take good care of this car and possibly do some light additional work to make it incredibly badass (i.e. suspension, supercharger, widebody, new interior). If I don't find a buyer from the forums, I'll be putting the car up for $13,000 on the public market. Keep in mind to build this car from scratch, minus the cost of a Focus you're looking AT LEAST around $30K to $40K to redo all this work professionally. Reprogramming the ECU and getting all the electronics to work together takes unique expertise and is a lengthy and expensive process. Bottomline is, I'm asking pennies on every dollar I've spent. I still have most of my receipts including the build work from Muscle Motors.

SERIOUS PARTIES ONLY AND NO TRADE OFFERS PLEASE. I've just purchased a new daily driver, looking for cash buyers only. I'm also not in a terrible hurry to sell this car, so please no low-ball offers either. I will consider reasonable offers but since I'm not looking to sell immediately, I will not get back to your lower offer until July or August.

Local parties welcome to see the car in person and test drive it, at my discretion.

Location: Los Angeles area

Email: [email protected]

PM or email for any questions or concerns, be more than happy to address them.



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Too bad you aren't closer, that thing is a hell of a sleeper. Pull up to the line with a Focus and people are laughing... till you pull a 10 sec 1/4 mile :D

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Nice car.

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That car is sooooo freakin sick!. The Terminator motor is incredibly baddass. Ford DOHC V8s sound absolutely incredible.. Kind of like an Italian V8 crossed with a muscle car motor... With the sick whine of the supercharger.
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