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I've decided to sell my Elise. The text below was created for local advertising, so some of it will be obvious to Lotus folk. The web pages at these URLs are sort of fun, though.

2005 Lotus Elise, $28k OBO

Stock (except Goodies, below) and everything works
Mid-engined, aluminum chassis, independent suspension F&R, fiberglass body
Weighs less than 2000 lb
Toyota 2ZZ-GE engine (190 HP @ 8500 rpm)
Toyota C64 6-speed manual transaxle
Touring package (sound insulation and power windows)
Air Conditioning
LSS (Lotus Sport Suspension) dampers and springs
Starfire Black paint (mostly 10-10, rear clam is more like 20-25)
Factory tool kit
20,000 miles
All recalls completed

TR Motorsports F.1 wheels (16 x 6.5 & 17 x7.5) w/ Lotus center caps
EBC Ultimax USR brake discs with RedStuff pads F&R
Stainless steel braid/Teflon brake hoses
Sector 111 (Titan) steering rack
Snorkel replaced with velocity stack
Lightweight cat-back muffler (unknown mfg.)
Polyurethane engine mount inserts
Zip tied U-tube
Protective clear vinyl on entire front clam, rocker panels, and lower rear clam
Door lock and immobilizer modules disconnected but not removed
Tinted windows
Green stripes are Avery SW-900 wrapping film
Detachable trunk organizer
Digital copies of Lotus and Toyota manuals

Not so goodies
Needs tires
Humongous Optima battery (maybe that’s really a goodie)
New Mexico Repaired Title (not Salvage) because of prior front & rear clam damage. Look here:

VIN = SCCPC11185HL30947


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Sorry about the format mess. The preview looked fine, but when posted one of the text URLs was opened.
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