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Hi Gang-

I am selling my Elise's fellow Brit and garage-mate.

My XJR is Radiance Red Pearl Metallic with Barley leather (and accentling "mocha" trim and carpeting). The red exterior is shocking in person: the metallic finish is extraordinary and the color is is a very rich medium burgundy. It is much nicer than some other Jaguar medium burgundy colors of a different name and hue.

As an XJR the car comes loaded except for a rear audio visual system (it even includes parktronic and an amazing radar-controlled cruise control system, as well as an audiophile-quality Alpine sound system). My car does have the optional Navigation system (which became standard on XJRs in 2006 and beyond). The car has 23,750 miles as of July 5, 2009, and I am still driving it (splitting daily duty with my "toy" Lotus Elise...I went full-British as a part of my change from Audi and Porsche).

I have all the keys; the books and service history. The car is covered fully by a transferrable Jaguar warranty. The car has been properly maintained. The car is what you will expect.

There are a bunch of pictures for you to review if you click on the album in the Shutterfly site. Note that the car is wearing virtually new, Pirelli PZero tires specified by the Jaguar engineers. While the tires are in excellent shape, NOTE: each of the wheels have some scrapes and rash here and there (see the pictures). I have touched up the scrapes, but I refuse to not disclose this...I will always be candid...that karma thingy!

If you are relatively new to the XJR, the vehicles were imported into the United States to draw in a younger crowd and revert to Jaguar's heritage: performance "saloons". Coming from a host of Audi "S cars", and even the 450 horsepower RS6, I can objectively say on a firsthand basis that the XJR inspires a list of endless superlatives.

Anyway, the XJR handling (unique active damping dynamic ride control ("CATS") suspension) and braking (Brembo brakes at all 4 corners with HUGE rotors!) are its forte. For that matter, it puts down "sports car numbers". Oh yeah, and the XJR is fast as all-can-be too, with zero to 60 times of 4.9 seconds (see magazine tests) A supercharged V8 takes care of that: 390 horsepower. and 399 lb-ft of torque.

Based upon my past actual ownership experience of its competitors, I now better understand why the XJR exists. Quite simply, it’s virtually “idiotproof”; quieter at speed; and far more easy to drive fast with confidence. Having owned virtually every one of this car's competitors in the past, I expected this.

However, I am daily surprised by how well the XJR truly does take it to the next level.

Note that the car is actually quite remarkably responsible with gas, despite supercar performance. I even took a picture of the car's average reading of 19.6 MPG (after a bunch of July 4-holiday weekend stop and go + around-town scoots). I usually average between 19.9 and 20.6 combined. I reckon that's because Jaguar provides a 6 speed and gearing such that the engine runs slower at highway speeds... They could get away with such gearing and still put down the awesome acceleration numbers due to the torque. The bigger gearing also provides higher top speed potential on the "A" roads (and autobahn) if the 155 mph limiter were to be removed. Who knows what the Jaguar folks were up to: I just know that I regularly average 19.9 MPG and 22+ on the highway (70-75 mph seems to be its sweet spot). Plus the car has a 22 gallon tank!

This car is one of the unusual XJRs that is covered by the factory warranty, which is transferrable. The full "Jaguar Select Certified Pre Owned (CPO) Warranty". The transferrable warranty lasts until late May 10, 2011 or 100k miles; so you have plenty of time to find things "wrong" with the car whilst being protected. But I will tell you that the car has nothing wrong with it, and was just in for its 40k service (for time, not mileage).

I am asking $28,530 or best offer.

Pictures and detals can be found here:


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