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So it's time to sell it.
clear title
2005 Lotus Elise Storm Titanium
31,000 miles
Never track. Drivin to work and home and the occasional downtown on weekends.
no scratches, scrapes, or blemishes of any sort.
*Sport Package
*Touring package
*Star Shield
*lss wheels black
*Apline head unit w/ ipod connection
*kenwood speakers
*custom exhaust
*black rear diffuser
*Upgraded suspension
*Pro bak exige seats
*Brushed alum turn signal and wiper wands
*Brushed alum carpet buttons
*MIni Micro mirror
*upgrades brakes/brake calipers
*i had the radiator grills paint to match the car

Send me a message with your offers.
click the link to see the pictures of the car. Pictures by lotus0825 - Photobucket

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Not to burst any bubbles, but take a look here: .

Look right under the profile picture and see when the OP's last activity was... Almost a year ago was the last time he signed on.

If he has preferences set up to get an email if a post is made in this thread he may see your questions, but if not... it's unlikely that any response is coming.

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Two problems here:

1) Many LT members are kind enough to list when their car has sold. Others forget or don't bother. :confused: It would be nice if there was some automatic delete function that gets rid or a car for sale listing after a certain amount of time if its status does not get updated by the OP after, say, 3 months. Or something to that effect.

2) The other problem is a certain member keeps bringing acient threads back to life :p

Seriously though, it would be nice if those who are selling their Elise or Exige would be kind enough to update their posts or delete them. Just sayin' :cool:
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