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Hey guys, finally got my S260 spoiler installed, so it's time to sell this one. I've bought and sold 6 of these ebay spoilers, and this one was the nicest, so I kept it for my own car. The weave on the big part is nearly flawless.

The spoiler itself is fine, but like ALL full carbon Exige spoilers, the joints where the buttresses meet the large spoiler top are cracking. It isn't going to break or anything, it's just cosmetic. Basically it's a 5 foot spoiler, meaning it looks fantastic from 5 feet away, better even than my S260 spoiler because it's full carbon. I literally get compliments on it constantly. However, at the end of the day it's an ebay spoiler, so expect the quality to be such. If you're looking close you're going to see/feel the edges/joints/runs/etc. But honestly, on the car it looks fantastic.

Priced for quick sale at $250 + shipping OBO. Price is $250 to me, so paid as friends/family or add the 3% PayPal fee.

Spoiler is located in Missouri, if you're interested in pick-up.


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