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[SOLD] 2006 Aspen White Exige • Lots of Extras

[SOLD] for $43,000.

Yup, I'm selling my Exige. Everyone who knows me can attest to how good of shape this car is in, and there are many people on here who can vouch it. It's fully loaded with every possible option, and it comes with tons of extra. The car has never been abused, and has always been kept up to date with maintenance (100% of records available). It has been constantly protected with Zaino products, oil changed every 3,000 miles, and has been garage/trailer kept and covered since day one. I can also, personally, vouch for the first two owners as well. Stand-up fellows with crazy auto-passion.

Car weighs 1970lbs. It's corner balanced, lowered to 120mm, recently aligned with front shims removed (running -1.0 camber front, -2.0 camber rear, 0 toe front, 2mm toe-in rear, thrust angle of 0). I mostly drive the car back and forth between Atlanta and Knoxville.

I am selling it because I'm expanding my exotic/luxury detail business into neighboring states. I have all books, tools, and parts that came with/off the car during the addition of modifications (original cat, original exhaust, original mirror, stereo box, etc.) Currently I'm running Kumbo SPT's (215's & 235's), and the windshield banner in the pics has been removed.

You will not find a more tastefully mod'd, better kept Exige anywhere.

2006 Aspen White Exige — Asking $41,500
16,500 miles (98% highway/interstate)
Over $4,000 in upgrades
Touring Pack
Track Pack
Traction Control
Limited-Slip Differential

Orange/Black Stripe (could be removed)
Arqray DeCat Pipe (o2 Simulator, passed Nashville emissions)
Arqray SingleTip
Sector111 RTDBrace
HID Headlights
Halon Fire Extinguisher
Blackwatch Protectors
Multivex Mirrors
Goodridge Stainless Brake Lines
Pagid RS14 Pads
Rear Lotus Badge
Sector111 re-ENFORCER
Sector111 WingNUTS
Painted Engine Cover
RedLine MT-90 Trans Fluid
Super Blue Brake Fluid
Cluch-Stop Mod
Steering arm bolts replaced w/ stronger 10.9's
TEsprit's 4-post lift kit (

• Back starshield is slightly yellowed from Arqray. I was going to remove it for better pictures, but figured I'd leave that up to the buyer.
• Remaining starshield is in great shape, no yellowing

• Sell includes high quality, custom covers: One flannel for indoor and one weathershield for outdoor.
• Before I bought it, the paint was professionally perfected by Richard Lin, California’s finest detailer.
• Case of Wix oil filters and three 5.25 quart jugs of Motul 8100 synthetic oil is included in sale

For financing, I recommend JJ Best. Really low rates with optionally long terms... up to 9 years (if that's what your looking for).


Aspen White 'RGB' Exige
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great looking car! love the orange stripe but whats going on at the back of it? coming off?
looks like intentional design... like its starting to break, crack, and fall off

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I saw this car in Franklin yesterday, it looks great. The pictures don't do it justice. The exhaust sounds better than my stage II. Good luck to you.

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Great looking car!


GL with the sale.

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You were originally asking $41,500 , yet it sold for more? Was it listed on e-bay?


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My best feedback for Rob ...

good luck man!

Thanks at all
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