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For Sale - 2006 Lotus Exige, Storm Titanium


This has been the pride and joy of my garage for the last 5 years. Sadly, it's time that I move on. It's extremely clean for an 11 year old car, and I still get the usual "what kind of Ferrari is that" comment every time I fill up with gasoline. However, I don't want to lie to anyone - it does have its rock scratches, blemishes, and general dinks here and there. I'll try to point them all out in the pictures below, but for what it's worth - they're all relatively minor and should be easy to fix if someone would like to go down that road. It still has the original Lotus Starshield and it has not gone yellow. It usually receives a full Zaino treatment 2-3 times a year, so is relatively spotless. The interior has race harnesses installed on both sides and I am happy to sell those with the car if the buyer would like to purchase (I believe they expire in 2017, just FYI). Naturally, also comes with the Sector111 harness kit.

Any questions or additional picture requests, please Email! me... I travel for work so am slow to check the forums. Email: keatre [at] gmail [dot] com

Standard Equipment installed:
  • Metallic Paint (Storm Titanium)
  • Star Shield (covers nose, side panel, rear quarter, side quarter, and side mirrors)
  • Track Pack
  • Touring Pack
  • 2x key and working fobs
  • Stage-2 Exhaust
  • The "infamous" Lotus Cup Holder!

  • Stainless Steel Brakelines
  • Porterfield R4-S Front and Rear pads for street driving
  • Stock pads in "Lotus Parts" box
  • ATE Dot4 Fluid only, flushed once a year
  • HID Headlamps
  • Multivex Mirrors
  • Silver/orange bulbs for front turn signals
  • Greenwire Mod (Turn off Daytime Running Lights)
  • ITG Air Filter
  • Battery tender terminals installed on battery
  • New headliner professionally installed
  • Harnesses installed on both sides with Sector111 harness kit
  • Harness pads on drivers side
  • Hardwire kit for ESCORT PASSPORT 9500ix
  • All current recalls serviced by Lotus of Plano TX (paperwork provided)

Why are you selling?
I just don't drive the car anymore, and I feel bad that it sits in my garage. I haven't enjoyed it enough recently, and looking to move my old butt into something with more padding. The woman of the house, while is overly supportive of it, doesn't really "like it". It's loud, bumpy, and hard to get out of in a dress (so she tells me). It's the most pure form of driving I've ever known, but I can't justify paying the taxes, inspection and losing the garage space for something that gets maybe a 500 miles in a year.

Where are you located?
Dallas, TX

Current Mileage?


Has the car been tracked or raced?

How is the engine wear?
I change the oil once a year, as I never do more than 5,000 miles in a year. I'll attach the last two BlackStone Labs reports (I just sent the last one in) but the one from 6 months ago shows perfect wear for the mileage and running of this engine. I quote:

Your Lotus is wearing nicely at 25,000 miles. Universal averages show typical wear levels for this type of engine after about 1,700 miles on the oil. You managed to get lower metals after a longer run and that's nothing to complain about. Looks like you're taking good care of this Exige. The oil itself is fine, with no excess fuel or harmful coolant present. The viscosity is in the 10W/40 range and low insolubles and silicon show excellent oil and air filtration. This engine probably sees some harder use, but you'd never know it. Looking good.
Report available here: BlackStone Labs - 2006 Lotus Exige

Does it have a supercharger/turbo installed?
No, it is factory OEM. I prefer the NA sound and feel, so left it stock. It can be installed if the buyer wants to, as there's hundreds of threads out there that describe the process.

Currently a set of A048's on it, OEM sizes. The backs will probably need to be replaced somewhat soon, but there's a little life left in them. If you plan to drive across country, please factor this into your purchase. (We can work something out, can get new tires put on if requested)

How's the AC?
I can honestly say, I think I own the only Lotus in Texas where the AC works extremely well. It was a running joke for our Lotus club back in the day, for whatever reason, the Lotus gods have blessed this car with a great AC. I wish I had a thermal camera to take a picture...

What's the wire hanging down by your rearview mirror in some pictures?
A hardwire to a keyed fuse for a radar detector.

Think you're missing some bolts in that engine shot...
Yeah, I took them out because they were a little scratched and starting to round off. I purchased new ones, but of course did not install for this picture. If you view the car, all bolts will be there.

What is included in the "Lotus Parts" box?
As we all know, when you buy a Lotus, you usually get a box of goodies that goes with it. Mine includes the stock pads, the pointless sun vizors, a black powdercoated fuel cap, a custom "Exige" key.

Included paperwork
  • Texas Blue clean title - I own outright
  • Original sales windshield sticker
  • Lotus Owners Manual for Elise Exige
  • Lotus Suppliment to Owners Manual
  • Maintenance Records w/ Dealership Contact Cards
  • Lotus Starshield Care and Maintenance
  • Cobra Alarm PIN and Installation Confirmation Cert.
  • Blaupunk Manual

Where was this car originally?
I purchased it in Pittsburgh and drove it back to Dallas (was a fun drive! ~1200 miles). It was originall purchased new in California (see Fun Fact below).

Fun Fact!:
For the men (or women!) out there who might need to convince their significant other that this is a good purchase... This car was originally owned and first purchased by Lorenzo Lamas from "Falcon Crest" fame. I don't have concrete, paper evidence of this, but it was purchased in Sacramento, CA and serviced in Orange County. Also in the title transfer it was from a Lamas in California and there's multiple pictures of his ownership (see below). Just a little fun trivia that sticks with the car.

Now for the pictures:

And here's some shots of Lorenzo Lamas when he owned the car:

And below are the major scratches from road rash or rock chips. I've tried to show size by displaying a standard USA Quarter next to each.


2006 Exige
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I see you keep the wheels a lot cleaner than that Lamas dude.

Very nice Exige. The paint looks great in the pics! Good luck with the sale!

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SOLID for sale post. If this was an S or 240S, you'd have a PM from me

Fairly straightforward to add a Supercharger, if you'd like! Would make a great project.. :evil:

You forgot the extraction photo!
Haha, I did have that one - but thought to leave it out for fear of someone intimidated by the "canopener" photo.

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This is how you do a for sale ad!

So nice to see an unmolested non-SC Exige. GLWS.

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