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Sold (06 Exige)

** Sold **

Hey all,
I have been thinking about selling my 06 Exige - thought I'd post a note here to see if anyone is looking. Just taking offers right now, but I can respond quickly if there is interest.

18,000 Miles
Touring Pack
Track Pack
Traction Control
Limited-Slip Differential

Orange/Black Stripe ($500)
Arqray DeCat Pipe! ($450) (o2 Simulator, passes emissions)
The much sought-out, Arqray SingleTip Exhaust ($850)
Sector111 RTDBrace ($500)
MicroMirror ($110)
Halon Fire Extinguisher ($325)
Blackwatch Protectors ($100)
Multivex Mirrors ($150)
Goodridge Stainless Brake Lines ($110)
Pagid RS14 Pads ($300)
Rear Lotus Badge ($50)
Sector111 re-ENFORCER ($45)
Sector111 WingNUTS ($35)
CG-Lock ($45)
RedLine MT-90 Trans Fluid ($50)
Super Blue Brake Fluid ($90)
Cluch-Stop Mod
Steering arm bolts replaced w/ stronger 10.9's

Note: The front windshield decal from the picture has been removed, as well as the rear starshield (it was yellowed).

- Isaac Squires
[email protected]

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I almost put a bid on this car last year when I bought mine. Sorry to see you selling it so soon. It's a gorgeous car!

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Answers to some common questions so far:

My ask price is $38k.

VIN is SCCPC11116HL81370.

The stripe is vinyl and can be removed without risk of damage to the paint.

I've driven the car over the past year as my occasional commute car (on nice weather days). The prior owner ran a car detailing shop and used it for business visits.

This car is much louder than a stock Exige - not for the faint of heart!

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I remember that car!
Heres a pic of me after I finished the graphics on it and the trailer.

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