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I'm selling my 2006 Lotus Exige in Chrome Orange. It has been meticulously maintained by me and all major work has been done at the Dietsch Werks shop, an incredibly reputable Lotus specialist shop in the Bay Area. There was no one else I trusted to work on my car.

High res pics:
2006 Lotus Exige Chrome Orange

Star shield
Traction Control
Touring Pack

Owner history:
1) Orugacoja - Javier
2) Advocat3 - Sean
3) ??????? - You!

Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Specs: one of the highest rated performance tires
High temp racing brake fluid
Dietsch Werks' custom blend transmission fluid
Polyurethane bushings for upper rear control arm
custom toe + camber alignment from Dietsch Werks
Micro Mirror
Light weight battery + bracket + master on / off switch
New oil lines and connectors
Slotted front rotors
Shifter reinforcer: removes sloppiness in the stock shifter
Blacked out emblems: front clam, steering wheel, and all 4 wheel center caps
DRLs disabled
New 6.5" JVC high quality speakers for the front
Sector 111 Pedals: much more grip than stock and better heel + toe
Sector 111 Bootie: awesome for keeping stuff from flying around in the trunk. A must have.
5000K HIDs
Custom upholstered seats + door panels: incredibly comfortable. They're how I managed to use the car as my daily driver.

Front headlight connectors re-crimped (connections were loose)
Rear tail light replaced (had burnt out LEDs)
Readjusted windows to seal correctly (driver's window was leaking slightly during rain)
Thermostat replaced (car was warming up slowly)

Extra documentation:
Car fax (from previous owner)
Washington Park Place Dealer pre-sale Inspection (from previous owner)
California Smog
California Registration
California Title
Lotus bumper exemption from the Department of Transportation (in case you get harassed for no front plate)
Entire service history!!! (please see pics)

Extra goodies free of charge: (please see pics)
8 extra oil filters
1 oil filter removal tool
12 extra oil filter bolt crush washers
2 6.5" JVC speakers for the rear (couldn't find the time to install these. might get around to it soon)

There's a nick in the star shield on the front clam that I inherited from the previous owner (which he didn't disclose)
There's a small bit of curb rash on the back right wheel that I also inherited from the previous owner (which he didn't disclose)

Why buy this Exige? Because it has many critical 'Lotus Fixes' which could cost you thousands to fix if you buy a different car:
1) Worn out rubber suspension bushings replaced with lifetime polyurethane ones
2) Stock battery bracket is known to fail and send the battery flying around in the trunk, shattering the rear clam. This was replaced with a custom bracket + battery
3) Stock headlights are known to be awful so I installed hyper-white 5000K HIDs
4) Stock oil lines are known to catastrophically fail and fall of the engine block, spewing oil all over the rear wheels. This is a safety and a fire hazard. The stock lines and connectors have been replaced professionally by Dietsch Werks
5) Aging thermostat has been replaced to make sure the car warms up quickly and efficiently.
6) Stock rear view mirror has been trashed as it's useless. Replaced with Sector 111 micro mirror
7) Stock shifter is known to flex heavily. Sector 111 shifter re-inforcer kit fixes this.
8) Regular oil changes with 5W-40 full synthetic Mobil 1 as well as coolant + brake + clutch fluid flushes.
9) This car is running perfectly and needs nothing. Buy it and drive it anywhere, anytime. Nothing superfluous has been added, the weakest points of the car have simply been upgraded.

This car is in immaculate condition, please buy with confidence. The pictures speak for themselves.
The car has 21,000 miles and I'm hoping to sell it to another Lotus enthusiast which is why I have it posted here on Lotus Talk. It deserves a good home.

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How much?

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Awsome car, sad to see you leave us Sean :(

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A few more pics of the car, from when Javier owned it and we cruised a bit. The white exige is now Butters car on the forums, but used to be mine :)


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Thanks for the extra pics quiz.

Don't worry Michael I'll still be around!

There's already a couple people VERY interested in buying this car from me. Please act quickly if you're interested as it could very well be gone by this Thursday.
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