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FS: 2007 Exige S (track only) + trailer package

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Personal life circumstances lead me to offer for sale a well sorted out Exige S. This car was purchased new and driven sparingly on the road, as well as occasional track use, prior to being converted to dedicated track use a couple of years ago.

Well maintained, this car/trailer package is ready to go for your next track day. Modifications were performed by VSA Motor Sports, and Allen Strommer is very familiar with this car.

I’m asking $45,000 for the package (car can be purchased separately).

This car is not street legal and is registered NOP in California. A test drive/demo can be arranged for a serious buyer.

Partial details listed below.

Engine/Drivetrain (original – 19,833 miles)
• 1.8 L Toyota 2ZZ
• 2bular header
• 2bular 8” muffler
• CharlieX tune
• Water to oil heat exchanger (Laminova)
• VSA radiator
• Moroso baffled oil pan
• OS Giken clutch

• Ohlin 2-way adjustable shocks (cup car)
• 458/571 lb./in. springs (cup car)
• Monoball control arm bearings (IMRP)
• Sector 111 RTD2Brace (rear toe reinforcement)
• Sector 111 UltraDiscs (front and rear)
• Volks CE28 15”/16” ( 2 sets)
• Toyo RA-1 (shaved) and Hankook C71 (several sessions left on each set)

Body/Aero (minimal)
• Carbon front splitter, full underbody (IMRP)
• Carbon 2010 style rearfoil (mechanically well coupled to subchassis)
• Rear diffuser (IMRP)
• Carbon roof (ducted to IC)
• Vented rear engine bay
• Quick release rear clam
• Most everything superfluous gone – car weighs 1770# (w/o driver, 5 gallons fuel)

• Fire suppression system
• Electrical cut-off
• Roll cage
• Fuel cell (16 gallon)
• Reverie CRFP racing seat (narrow) – 6 point Schroth harness
• Lexan windscreen

• TrailEx CT-7541




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