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After many years of racing, the time has come for me to move on to other life adventures -- or maybe I'm just getting too old and fat. Either way, some of you will know the long history of my car, some will not but here is a thread going back some years:

Asking price is $50,000

This is a race car that I've raced in several series from Lotus Cup USA to NASA to ARC. My car is NOT street legal in the US and is registered as NOP. I'm extremely diligent about maintenance and after every race the car is stripped down and everything is checked, adjusted, fixed, oils changed, etc. etc.

The current Turbo motor (2ZZGE 1.8) has 20 hrs on it, the Quaife 6 speed sequential transmission has 38.5 hours on it. This turbo/transmission setup has been very reliable with no need to exceed 8000 rpm (peak power is made around 7100 rpm @ 13 psi - 319 wHP and 249 TQ).

2007 Lotus Exige S (single owner)

• 1.8 litre Toyota 2ZZ
• DRS Assembled (new timing chain, gears, oil pump gears, stage 2 cams)
• Mahle 10.0:1 piston
• Knife edge and lightened crank (DRS spec)
• SuperTech hardened valves and springs
• Ported head (DRS spec)
• Additional head work (DRS spec)
• Moroso Oil Pan
• DMC Turbo (Garrett 28RS) water/air heat exchange – 13 psi peak
• EFi Technology ECU 1.2 with data logging (rev limit 8,000 rpm)
• ProAlloy Radiator
• Two Setrab engine oil coolers
• Burns SS 3” exhaust tubing and muffler (< 103 db)
• All tuning performed by DRS
• BOE fuel surge tank (dual fuel pumps and return)
• Radium fuel injector rail
• Bosch 770cc injectors
• Relocated custom airbox (37F reduction in IAT)
• Dyno’d at 319 wHP and 249 TQ

• AASCO Aluminum flywheel
• Twin 7” disc clutch
• Quaife 6 speed sequential with Gear indicator display
• OS Giken LSD differential

• Nitron 3-way adjustable shocks
• Nitron Toe Pin kit (front sway bar)
• Sector111 V2 Arms (bumpsteer)
• 700/550 springs
• Sector 111 RTD2Brace (rear toe support)
• DRS Monoballs

• Reverie 1650mm rear wing (with extensions)
• Reverie full front splitter
• RLS Carbon larger side air scoops
• Vented rear clam to allow for heat removal from engine bay

Wheels and Tires
• OEM Lotus 16 x 6.5 front and 17 x 7.5 rear (complete set)
• Monolites 16 x 7 front and 17 x 8 rear (complete set)
• 4 complete sets of used Yoko S01 slicks
• 1 new set of Hoosier A6 - 205/16 and 245/17

• Sector111 308BBK (Wilwood forged 4 pot calipers with Lotus cup Discs) – front
• OEM front AP racing 2 pot with Sector111 adapter - rear
• Hawk HT10 brake pads front/rear
• Pilbeam dual master brake cylinders (AP racing) with balance bar and adjuster (no ABS no booster)

• DRS Roll Cage
• DRS driver and passenger side netting
• OMP Fire system (2 nozzle)
• OMP quick release and steering wheel
• Remote battery and fire switch (exterior)
• Recaro FIA spec race seat
• Willan 6 point seat belts
• Custom fixed seat bracket (accommodates 5'7" - 5'10")

• RacePak IQ3 Digital Dash and data logger (100Hz 32 channel, 4GB memory) with EFI module
• Heat exchanger water pressure gauge (analog)
• AFR NGX display (air/fuel ratio)
• Custom dash/switches
• Sparco quick disconnect steering wheel (FIA spec)
• RLS/Chimera Lithium carbon fiber cased battery
• Weight reduction – 1774 lbs without driver and 3 gallons fuel (wet)
• Re-wired the entire car electrics, not a single Lotus wire left ... all Mil spec and Mil spec connectors

There is no warranty, it is sold "AS IS". I am willing to demo the car on track or just around the block to show everything is working and functional for a serious buyer.

My car is capable of 1:46's at Thunderhill on fresh rubber and a good driver. For reference that's Porsche Cup - $350K cars - pole lap times.

The car can be developed more as there is an easy 70 lbs or more of weight reduction still to go along with some additional aero parts and even uprights if one so chooses. Note my car is mildly boosted, only 13 psi (less than when I ran the MP62 supercharger at 14-15 psi).

Dyno Tuning at DRS (June 2013)

Recent Qual lap at Thunderhill

Cheers, Rob.

Some additional recent pictures:


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Bump ... I'll have my car at Thunderhill this weekend for new 5mi layout with LC USA if anyone is interested in seeing it in action.

I'm open to offers.

Cheers, Rob.

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