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  • YEAR: 2007
    MAKE: Honda
    MODEL: S2000
    MILEAGE: 46,7xx
    LOCATION: Rochester, NY
    VIN: JHMAP21457S002126
    CONTACT: PM me or franklin.zelinger at
So I just bought a house and would feel better if I didn't have two cars as well. It held me over for awhile, but I'm not dying to keep it. This will help me save up for another Lotus again quicker :clap:

The Good:
Paint is in good shape, starts up easily. Engine runs well and I get the rated gas mileage. No rips or tears in the interior; the shifter boot retainer has a couple plastic tabs broken. Still drives as nicely as it did on my first test drive; maybe even better with all the fluids changed (see Service). All I did was daily drive it in the nicer months, I was told the previous owners were in their 40s or 50s and owned a restaurant; they bought plenty of Hondas from the dealer and this was just their weekend car.

NO RUST. The previous owners, and I, did not drive it through winter. A quick example: I put the new exhaust on a few hundred miles ago and the nuts that were holding the OEM exhaust together did not break or shear apart when I loosened them. They were in such decent shape that they are still being used to hold the new exhaust to the cat.

I replaced brake fluid (ATE), transmission fluid (Honda OEM), clutch fluid (ATE), and differential fluid (Mobil 1) around 44,5xx miles.
I regreased the shifter bushings. Still have extra Honda grease I will give to new owner.
I rebuilt and powdercoated silver an OEM set of brakes (front right became seized, so I bought a second set of OEM brakes and rebuilt them with aesthetics in mind as well. They were rebuilt with Honda brake kits; I still have original brakes too for new owner to rebuild or sell)

Comptech Air Intake (previous owner had a no-name brand on, so I upgraded that immediately)
Tanabe Medallian Touring Exhaust w/ 500 miles (no increased sound at idle, deeper and throatier at higher RPM, only 2 dB louder than OEM, also looks stock) [I still have OEM exhaust]
Previous owner put an Alpine amplifier and upgraded speakers in (cannot recall brand of speakers)

The Bad:
Previous owner put an Si badge on the trunk, I removed it but haven't gotten all the adhesive off yet; a lot of elbow grease needed
Chips in paint from a car with this many miles; NO major dents or scratches though
Front tires could be replaced soon
The speakers cut out at times; must be a wire shorting on metal somewhere
One of the OEM rear wheels has clearcoat failing in spots; from far away the car still looks great as you will see in pictures

Price: $20,900 OBO
There is a loan on this car; clean title is in hand. Lien release won't be a problem.
I have an extra set of SSR wheels 18x8" all around that I could throw in for an additional cost; will need four new tires. (see last picture for second set of wheels)
I can take off the exhaust for a reduced price in the car. Easy swap.


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I forgot to add that I have a California car cover that will be included as well. It was made for an S2000 and has the mirror and antenna pockets... perfect fit.

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Interesting...I would be very interested to talk to other guy, see what led him from the Elise to the S2K.

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