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Pending Sale: 2007 Lotus Exige S - Ardent Red - 15k miles / $35k


Hello all,
I purchased this Lotus Exige locally here in Des Moines, IA approximately 5 years ago. It had 12,733 miles on it when I purchased it, and I have only added about 2,287 miles for a total of 15,020 now.

I have recently moved and am in the market for a new car to replace this one, a 4 seater that the kids can come in.

Over the last 5 years, I haven't had the time to play with and enjoy it as I should have. Over last winter it did get a mouse in the vent. I have just disassembled the dash to clean it as best I can and ran an ozone machine in it. It caused no damage besides a light odor when the vent is on, which I believe I have gotten rid of now. The turn signals are not working, I believe due to the hazard light switch, which I have ordered a new one. I will add an additional interior photo when it's back together.

Around July of 2017 BOE Fabrication in Overland Park, KS put a new clutch in it as it was slipping some. Prior to me, the car was tracked as you can tell due to the modifications. I haven't tracked it, it has just been a weekend fun car.

There are some minor imperfections around the car which I have tried to do my best to capture in the photos. The roof also has the fabric on the inside coming loose.

If someone spent a solid few days putting some elbow grease into this car I think it would be back to a clean, great vehicle.

I have included the ad below that I purchased it from as well as included the upgrades he listed when I purchased. I need to be sure I have the Tactrix 2.0 cable and I will continue looking for that.

Current issues & changes since the ad below:
- Passenger seat is currently loose, not bolted in. A bolt is missing. I have chosen to leave it this way in case the next person decides to do something differently with the seats
- Turn signals are currently not working. I have ordered a replacement hazard switch to see if this works
- I added 2 speakers and a head unit back to the car so it has music now.
- Cigarette lighter added to the air bag panel(air bag removed by previous owner)
- Minor body imperfections. Most in the front are on the star shield. I have taken a close up of one on the rear clam

BOE dyno tune with their FastWorks software, 304rwhp, includes Tactrix 2.0 cable

Motor/drivetrain/power upgrades:
Aluminum flywheel and upgraded clutch
3.0" supercharger pulley
ITG 3" intake and MAF housing from BOE
RLS Intercooler with heat shield
Ducting from side scoops to intercooler with 3 chamber shroud
Weapon R header slightly modified to fit better, no cat (I have complete stock exhaust if you need this to pass emissions, will include in sale)
BOE Silent Touch exhaust
Moroso baffled oil pan
Poly motor mounts

Fuel system upgrades:
ProAlloy large capacity fuel tank with central collector option
External fuel pump/filter/regulator, and return line
Bosch 525cc injectors
This is a really nice fuel system, no worries about fuel starve and don't have to add a surge tank to the engine bay.

Braking upgrades:
Front brake ducting
BOE stainless steel caliper pistons
S111 ULTRAdisc 2 piece rotors on all four corners
Stainless brake lines around

Suspension/wheel upgrades:
Nitron 46mm race pro shocks with 550/700 springs. Rides a little more comfortable than LSS but with no body roll, absolutely amazing shocks. Installed new in October 2013 so there are only a couple hundred miles on these. Corner balanced after install (with 160lb in driver seat).
Front uprights machined for extra camber, currently set to about -2.2* camber in front
BOE full toelinks
Long wheel studs
Volk CE28N wheels with Toyo Proxes RA-1 tires (purchased and installed early 2014, less than 3000 miles on these)

Body/aero upgrades:
S111 rear panel eliminator in black
Difflow 5 element original style rounded diffuser with no exhaust cutout
Clam mounted wing, APR style - installed winter 2014
IMRP race sills - installed winter 2014
Carbon fiber side scoops
Carbon fiber access panels
Carbon fiber gas door
BOE carbon fiber side mirrors - installed winter 2014
Lexan windshield

Interior upgrades:
APS 300mm D wheel (on NRG quick release mount) - installed winter 2014
Corbeau carbon kevlar seats - installed winter 2014
S111 V-force harness bar and Schroth 6 point harnesses with sys.6.pack sub belt mount
Shifter base support mod
AEM oil temp gauge
AEM wideband o2 gauge
Rear bulkhead panel removed and replaced with carpet to save weight

Other misc upgrades:
Lithium Iron battery 4.5lbs, with S111 battery mount and cutoff switch
S111 booty
Front tow hook
Catch can with breather
35% tint on side windows

The bad:
I don't have a keyless fob for the car, I received it with only the key.
Fuel level gauge doesn't work because the tank is basically a fuel cell, you can add a tube style sender because the tank has an SAE 5 bolt hole, and then put a gauge where the stock radio goes. I always monitor fuel level by the trip odometer, but I can add a gauge if this is a deal breaker for the next owner. Cost is about $120 in parts and a couple hours labor if you did it yourself.
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