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I have consigned this car through Ferrari/Lotus of Denver as I have extensive business travel through the end of this year and simply don't have time to list it and show it, etc, but wanted to get the word out to the community here. Please contact them directly if interested. (Derek Fennig 303-730-7340) Link...[]=.lotus

I am also happy to answer any questions. Message me and I will get back to you.

A more complete story below to the Lotus of Denver listing.... note, they have more photos on their website.

I purchased the car in 2015 to be my HPDE car and Colorado mountain carver. I have participated in 2-4 days per year of HPDE since 2015 with the BMW Club and Porsche Clubs. I have never raced nor participated in TT or other timed events. The motor is completely stock with only the Larini cat back exhaust added. The rest of the performance mods were added as my track skills improved and I discovered I was pushing the limits of the stock equipment and set up. I wanted improved track performance but also drivability for weekend and longer trip Lotus Club events. The last modifications included adding Penske Double Adjustable coilovers last winter. I drove part way from Denver to Folsom, CA for the West Coast Lotus Meet this past May (drove the fun part and trailered the rest). The Penskes are amazing and I can confirm that although stiffer than stock (base suspension), they ride better with much less harshness. The have less than 4000 miles of mostly highway use.

This car is exceptionally well-sorted and a balanced all-round road and track car. I have had incredible help, care and attention by the Lotus Denver team in achieving this. I don't need to sell, but after a few years I'm ready to perhaps move to an Evora 400 or GT. It's all good but life is short and I want to try them all!

2008 Lotus Elise SC
Factory Supercharged
Black Exterior
Burgundy Interior
I am the third owner. The second owner was the owner of the dealership in San Diego that I purchased the car from. He put about 1500 miles on the car I believe. It still had the original wheels and tires from 2008 when I bought it in 2015. I acquired the car in January 2015 with about 8800 actual miles on it in San Diego, and trailered it back to Denver.

NOTE RE CARFAX: CARFAX claims possible rollback of the odometer. This is not the case. The odometer was replaced by Lotus at 3739 miles on 10/13/2011. There is a Lotus USA door sticker that attests to this This fact has also been properly recorded at the time of purchase in California and again when registered with the Colorado DMV. CARFAX even reports the odometer replacement as occurring at 3750 miles on 10/17/2011. The digital gauge clusters on the Elise/Exige are a known problem, well reported on Lotustalk. The easy solution when they go dark is to remove the #7 and/or #8 fuses, wait 10 minutes and re-install. Many gauge clusters got replaced under warranty, but the easy solution works well. (Again, well documented in the Lotus community.)

Mileage: 21,132 as of 9/2/2019
(Indicated 17,393 plus 3,739. Odometer replaced by Lotus at 3,739 miles on 10/13/2011)

Equipment added over stock (over $11,000 in parts cost alone):
  • NOTE: No engine modifications

  • 2015-16 Updates
  • Sector 111 3mm rear spacers
  • Hex Studs for all four wheels
  • Sector 111 Ethos Wheels
  • Folding front tow hook
  • Larini Cat Back Sport Exhaust (Around $900)
  • Secondary Brake Vacuum Canister
2017 Updates
  • BOE Lotus 111 Rear Motor Mount
  • BOE Rear Toe Links (Parts Cost $360)
2018 Updates
  • BOE Stainless Brake Lines (Parts Cost $100)
  • BOE HP Fixed Hat Front and Rear Rotors (Parts Cost $1050)
  • BOE Radial Rear Caliper Mount (Parts Cost $305)
  • AP Racing 2-piston Rear Calipers (Parts Cost $700)
  • Cobalt XR4 Brake Pads Front and Rear (latest full set April 2019/18,486 miles)
  • New soft top as old one had faded.
  • Transmission replaced May 2018 due to failure of mounting bolt connection with BOE rear engine mount. New transmission stud kit installed with new transmission. Transmission purchased from Monkeywrench Racing. Stock Toyota unit built up with upgraded carbon synchros and Celica taller 6th ratio for lower cruising revs. ($3200 for transmission)
2019 Updates
  • BOE TOC Baffled Oil Pan (added January 2019/17,869 miles)(Parts Cost $550)
  • Penske Racing Dual Adjustable Coilovers (January 2019/17,869 miles)(Parts Cost $3800)
  • Steering arms milled by Lotus Denver for additional front camber adjustment (January 2019/17,869 miles)
  • Corner balanced and aligned
  • Cobalt XR4 Brake Pads Front and Rear (latest full set April 2019/18,486 miles)
  • BF Goodrich RE71R tires (latest full set April 2019/18,486 miles) – 205/45R16 Front and 245/40R17 Rear
Additional Service (All updates and service performed at Ferrari/Lotus of Denver by Ryan Chapman, Master Tech and currently Shop Foreman. Ryan knows this car intimately and can also answer detailed questions.):
  • New Battery August 2015
  • Cam inspection performed May 2018/15,219 miles (passed)
  • Air Cleaner replaced May 2018/15,219 miles
  • New Spark Plugs May 2018/15,219 miles
  • One new Ignition Coil May 2018/15,218 (Coil seal had leaked and rusted surrounding parts)
  • Castrol SRF Brake Fluid (Brake and Clutch Fluid Changed Yearly)
  • Motul 5W40 Engine Oil (Engine Oil Changed Yearly)
  • Ride Height set F:122mm and R:128mm (January 2019/17,869 miles)
  • Corner Balanced and aligned (January 2019/17,869 miles)
  • All Fluids Changed Annually
  • All Service Performed at Ferrari/Lotus of Denver since my purchase of the car in January 2015
A couple of photos attached from the Colorado Concours on June 9, 2019.



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I've looked this car over at the Lotus dealership in Denver. Looks very well sorted out. I'm looking for "skittles colors" or I'd have interest.

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I also think there were only about 139 2008 SC sold. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Correct or very, very close to correct it appears. The record I found on Lotus Talk (compiling lists from Lotus Archivist Andy Graham) says there were 137 SC's delivered in the USA in 2008. Of these, only 3 were black plus one black with silver stripes 60th Anniversary version. This is a truly rare car.
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