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This 211 GT4 was purchased new by the current owner and campaigned by DRS in Lotus Cup USA for several years. We won the championship Open Class in 2013 and then won again in Trophy Class (formerly called Open) in 2015. The car has evolved a lot from it's original 275 Hp SC form to what it is now.

The car has served well and is loved by us and the owner, but it must sell because our focus is onto other programs now in TC America. Below is some info about the car:

Rebuilt engine with many upgrades. Has 3 LCUSA races on it, plus 2 days of track day use at Road America, and 1 event at SMMR + 2 solo test sessions at SMMR.

Mahle pistons, 10.5:1
Cosworth connecting rods
ARP hardware
Ferrear Roller Rockers
OEM camshafts
Supertech Inconel valves specific for turbo application
Cylinder head porting
Garrett GTX 2867R Turbo
Water to Air intercooler system
Cosworth / Pectel SQ6M ECU with Transmission Control
Sadev ST82-17 6 speed Sequential Transmission with adjustable LSD
Tilton 7.25” Twin-Disc Clutch with light weight flywheel
CrMo driveshafts with inner Tri-pod joints
Sadev Paddel Shift Hydraulic Actuator System

The Cosworth / Pectel SQ6M ECU has strategies to protect the engine such as reducing the power if temps exceed defined limits, and/or putting the engine in a Limp-Home mode when temps, pressures, or boost parameter safe limits are exceeded. The paddle shift transmission control will not allow for over-revs, or downshifting too many gears. "Gear-Cut" for upshifts and "Auto-Blip" for downshifts, plus a unique strategy called "Anti-Push" reduces understeer by using a series of power-cuts and blips in the downshift routine.

Cosworth IPS32 Intelligent Power System (replaces fuses and relays). Same unit used by Porsche Motorsport in the GT3 Cup Cars.

Cosworth Omega ICD Intelligent Color Display (same unit used by Porsche Motorsport in the GT3 Cup Cars. This system is designed to inform the driver of engine vitals, lap performance, alarms, programmable notifications, as well as chassis, transmission, and engine data. The ICD will generate graphic data overlays, track maps, split reports, histograms, XY plots, and handle complex math channels. The system uses Pi Toolbox for data analysis and is regarded as the industry “Gold Standard”.

Cosworth CAN Membrane Switch Panel (for driver switch controls in cockpit).

All of the Cosworth devices are on the CAN network to each other.

Entire wire harness in car has been replaced with a modular system assembled by DRS, using Mil-Spec wiring and Raychem DR-25 protection. The harnesses are all terminated with Auto Sport connectors to all of the devices on the chassis. The engine and transmission looms are assembled in the same manner.
Engine Oil Dry Sump system utilizes a 3 Gal tank that is located where the passenger seat would be and is enclosed in a Gold Foil insulated Carbon-Fiber box to separate it from the driver.

The suspension was upgraded to 3 Way Ohlins TTX dampers and rubber bushings removed and replaced with Spherical Mono-Balls.

The brakes are AP 5000+ 4 pit calipers in front with Pagid RS14 pads and OEM Lotus/AP 2 pot calipers in the rear with RS14 pads. Mechanical brake balance adjustable by the driver.

The aerodynamics were developed throughout the process of racing the car. There are 2 Carbon-Fiber front splitters for the car. One is long for more front downforce and the other is shorter for less. The rear wing is adjustable with larger end plates and taller uprights than what were supplied by Lotus. The rear diffuser is made of Carbon-Fiber with 6 strakes.

All of the body panels have been modified to be removed much faster and easier with quick release fasteners.

The sale will include 2 extra spare sets of Volk TE-37 wheels with used Yokohama S01 slick tires mounted, one good condition set of Yokohama Wet racing tires, spare Pagid brake pads, 1 extra new set of front AP rotors, 1 new spare set of CrMo driveshafts, 1 spare new aluminum flywheel, and 1 spare set of clutch disc.

All fluids were recently serviced. The car requires 100 octane race fuel to run. The car will come with Racing Radios Car harness and radio holster installed, but will not include an actual radio.

Has a good condition Recaro SPA Hans seat with Willans 6 pt. HANS enduro-style belts installed that are good until 2021.

LifeLine electric fire system.

The car is truly sorted and ready to enjoy. Contact me directly for more pics and any questions at [email protected] or you can call the shop at 562-694-2226
Transport of the car and spares can also be provided by us if needed.


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